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It is going to be 109 degrees out. Shaun is well prepared with a cooling vest, hydration pack, and neck fan, which he says is an investment in the future as there will be more days like this.

At the hospital, Lim is hot. Powell suggests she join the wheelchair basketball team as the AC is on in the gym. Lim declines and goes to get iced coffee. Shaun arrives. He's working with Powell today. He sees Lim sweating and remarks she'd be doing better if she had the surgery. He's annoyed that Powell advised her against it.

There is a blackout, but that doesn't stop an old man from wheeling a cake down the hall.

Asher and Morgan have to work with elderly patients who like to dance and may have dementia. Morgan is annoyed by this. Asher thinks they're cute.

Meanwhile, Park works with an older woman, Edna, who has a racing heart. She says her heart has kept her going for 90 years. Park has to crack her ribs to restart her heart after she crashes. He finds a tumor on the CT scan, going from her lungs to her belly. She wants it removed. He doesn't think she's a candidate for surgery and should leave it alone and have a good final six months. She wants another opinion.

Powell and Shaun work with a man who has become dehydrated after riding his bike in the heat. Powell thinks they won't be able to place an IV because of his condition. Shaun says he needs a more experienced doctor and sends her away. Later, the man remarks to Shaun that his most annoying employees challenge him the most. However, before Shaun can answer, the man starts gasping for breath and crashes.

Jordan gets test results back on her patient. Mae has permanent damage to her organs from the heat and it is irreversible. She will die in a few hours. Mae has no family to call. Her husband has died of cancer. He always wanted to see Paris and she told him to wait until he was better.

Powell and Shaun confer in the server room as it's cooler. They argue about what's wrong with the patient. Lea realizes the servers are about to overheart. The power goes out for a brief second. Backup generators come on. Later, Lea asks Shaun what his problem is with Powell. He finds her annoying, stubborn, and refuses to listen. He doesn't get it when Lea tries to point out he's the same way.

Glassman examines Edna and again explains how risky the surgery is. Edna insists on the surgery -- and on another butterscotch pudding. Park is upset when Glassman tells him and thinks Edna doesn't understand that this could ruin any quality of life she has if she even survives. Glassman tells him it is not his call.

Lea tries to tell Andrews they need to shut down the top two floors to stop the servers from overheating or there will be a full blackout. Andrews refuses.

Shaun and Powell do an exploratory procedure on their patient. They discuss how they dislike each other. They also realizes their patient has a more serious problem than they thought and could die.

Shaun and Powell have another argument in the server room about how to proceed and Shaun decides Powell is contradicting him and kicks her off the case. One of the servers dies.

Powell goes to Lim's office. Lim is hot and her WifI doesn't work so she lost 2 hours of work. Powell suggests the gym again. Lim has physical therapy. Powell doesn't see what she needs that for and thinks she should accept being healthy yet disabled.

Perez tries to come up with ideas to save his and Jordan's patient but Jordan tells him there is nothing they can do.

Morgan and Asher find their missing Alzheimers patient but he shuffles off.

They bring the patient back to the hospital, only to discover that Jerome found the real Arthur Abbott in the laundry room. Who is this guy?

Shaun's patient informs him he wants Powell back, challenging every one of Shaun's decisions. He explains that Israeli intelligence always has a 10th man in the room to thoroughly challenge all decisions and that he does the same thing, and that's why he has a successful business.

Lim and Powell go to the gym. Lim plans to sit on the sidelines and thinks the hoops are too high. The captain of the opposing team thinks Lim is tall and will be a good player.

Jordan tells Perez they will take Mae to Paris before she dies.

Shaun complains to Glassman about Powell and how the patient wants her but he hates her. Glassman says he works with lots of people he doesn't like. He explains how he and his father-in-law didn't really get along but when Maddie was five, his father-in-law did a magic trick Glassman had been trying to learn. After that, they got along better.

Lea looks on, horrified, as the servers all overheat.

Lea talks to Andrews. She hopes she's not getting fired. He hopes the Board isn't firing him. Lea goes to make some calls.

In the OR, Park tells Glassman that his grandfather had pancreatic cancer. His grandmother pushed him to have surgery and it ruined him. Glassman says sometimes the pain is too great. But paralysis won't ruin Edna's ability to enjoy what's left of her life.

Shaun attempts to find common ground with Powell but she doesn't like pancakes and watches disaster movies about weather he doesn't like. He says he still dislikes her.

The old man has been identified. His grandson, who is a lawyer, is coming to get him. Asher and Morgan are worried.

Jordan and Asher use virtual reality to give Mae the experience of a trip to Paris before she dies.

Shaun shoots down Powell's ideas. She tells him to cut it out and that their common ground is being disabled and treated as outsiders. Shaun comes up with an idea for the surgery but the power goes out.

Powell and Shaun work together after all and save the patient's life.

Lea says she doesn't know if this will work because the server isn't meant to carry this load but she does something to get the power back on.

The old man's son and granddaughter arrive to collect him. Asher thinks he and Morgan are going to be arrested for kidnapping. The man's son says that with the heat and his father's new tendency to wander, they saved his life. Asher is shocked that they are heroes.

Edna awakens. She and her doctors eat butterscotch pudding.

Perez is impressed that Jordan gave the dying woman her last dream.

At the 100th birthday party, Morgan admits to Asher she doesn't care about having a boyfriend. She just wants to have a child.

Powell and Shaun have a conversation about ancient surgical tools. They have that in common.





The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Park: Your heart's beating too fast and you're in v-fib.
Edna: My heart's been keeping me going for 90 years, so don't be too hard on it.

Shaun: Spinal cord injuries interfere with autonomous temperature regulation. If Dr. Lim had had that surgery I proposed, she would be better able to regulate her temperature.
Powell: It's too early for her to make that decision.
Shaun: No. The longer she waits, the greater the risk of irreversible adema.
Powell: Many factors to consider. That's why I advised her not to have the surgery.
Shaun: Excuse me? You are a first year resident. I have much more surgical experience than you.
Powell: And I have more physical disability experience than you.