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Glassman takes Shaun to see his lawyer, who says there is a settlement offer, but if Shaun takes it he will have to be supervised for six months. Shaun refuses. Janet says that if they go to trial and lose Shaun might lose his license.

Shaun runs to the bathroom and afterward meets Joni, a young lawyer who asks if formaldehyde can cause birth defects. He follows her into her office and realizes she has OCD. She does research only. She tells Shaun she doesn't think the settlement is right.

Shaun returns and announces Joni is his lawyer.

Lea asks what Glassman thinks. He admits Glassman doesn't think this is a good idea.

Joni's roommate tries to convince her it's better for her to stay out of court. Joni doesn't want  to hide who she is.

Janet complains that Joni is late.

Joni gives a deposition and Janet tells her to stop tapping.and distracting Park. Shaun is not bothered and Joni is distracted by an intrusive thought saying bad things will happen if she doesn't tap. Janet gets her attention and Park ells in flashback how he and Shaun found a car flipped over on a curvy road in the rain. A woman was injured and her male companion missing. In flashback, Shaun finds Bob and sees he is bleeding. Park can't leave his patient so Shaun Macgyvers a gurney from stuff in the trunk.

Joni appears in the flashback and says Shaun couldn't have done it that way as there was a log in the way. Shaun realizes that if he went the other way, he might have tangled the spinal board and his exam could have been off, meaning he didn't need to amputate the man's arm.

Joni does more tapping before resuming the deposition. Shaun explains how the hand was not savable and was carrying toxins to the heart. There was no time so he had to amputate on the side of the road.

Park says that's not how he remembers it. We see Park's version in which Park yelled that he didn't think it was necessary to amputate.

Janet tells Joni that Shaun has to settle. Joni says no and straightens Janet's books. Janet starts lecturing her and Joni needs to straighten a book.  Joni picks up the book and recalls a case about a kid with a knife and a metal detector. Janet says she can't convince the judge this is relevant.

Joni runs off and finds Shaun testing the hand. Joni tells him that this is useless.

In court the judge doesn't seem to like Joni. Joni is arguing that Shaun was acting as a Good Samaritan, not a doctor.  She is thrown off when the other lawyer's chair squeaks and stops mid-sentence. She tells Janet she needed two more squeaks that didn't happen. Now the settlement offer is gone and the partners voted Joni off her case.

Janet tries to convince Shaun that Joni is a bad lawyer She says Joni cannot be a trial attorney.

Joni doesn't hate Janet. Her roommate says Janet should have been in court with her. Shaun shows up and asks why Joni wants to be a lawyer.

Joni tells Shaun she doesn't have a lot of options besides this firm. She says a lawyer saved her family. Her father died in a car accident when she was eight and her OCD started then. Her mother drank and a lot of people made mistakes but a lawyer made it right again. Shaun says he still wants her as his lawyer. He says he is going to talk to Janet.

Janet says Shaun wants her as first chair but she will not say a word and Janet will do the case.

An expert testifies that Shaun was wrong and the hand does not need to be amputated.

Janet does the traditional asking the expert if he was paid. Joni interrupts with a bunch of images. The last one, which does not show spasm, proves that the amputation was warranted though the expert says they can't say for sure.

Joni apologizes for not staying quiet. Janet makes her actual first chair.

Janet is impressed with Joni's research which Joni doesn't plan to use.

The witness testifies as to how he can't hold his niece because he has only one arm.

Joni asks who sues someone who saved their life. She establishes that he was speeding and asks if he feels guilty about almost killing his sister. She is on a roll until the other lawyer squeaks his chair again and then she freezes. Janet makes his chair squeak twice more. The judge finds Janet in contempt.

Janet now says that Joni needs to make the jury like Shaun.

On the stand Shaun mentions the  mistakes he made and how they were only relevant to him. Joni also asks him to talk about having autism, which the judge allows even though she agrees it's irrelevant.

Joni is pacing back and forth trying to do her closing. Janet offers her feedback but warns her she'll be blunt if she doesn't like it. She gives her closing for Janet and talks about how civil suits are about justice, just like money. Janet says that's her closing from a long time ago. She is surprised to find that Joni considers her a mentor. She says her advice is that Joni is not her and she should not change that.

At closing Joni points out that she and Shaun are different. She asks the jury to judge Shaun on who he is, not on his strange mannerisms. In flashback she recalls that Janet was the lawyer who saved her family.

Janet tells Joni she is a good lawyer. Jury is back.

Joni and her sister call the mother to celebrate the good news. They have drinks with Shaun. Shaun takes Joni with him to test the hand.

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Shaun: I have a new lawyer.
Joanie: I have a new client.

Glassman: She's good. She's smart. She's been helpful whenever I need it.
Shaun: How many times have you been sued?