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The Judge searches the Janets for her clicker to destroy Earth. 

Chidi assures Eleanor that he still loves her. The gang gets to work figuring out a way to save Earth before their time is up, and realize the system is a problem of justice. 

They propose a "medium place." The Good Place commitee agrees, but Shawn does not.  

Janet tries to convince the Judge to take pause, but she continues to search and marbleized the Janets. 

Eleanor bargains with Shawn and tells him he can torture the four of them forever if he agrees to a medium place. He refuses. 

Team Cockroach and the Judge enter the real Janet's void, and they convince her to hear out their new idea. The Judge calls Shawn to join the meeting.

They propose that life on Earth serves as a base, and the afterlife is the test. People will face a dilemma in the afterlife, which is designed specifically for them, and they can learn from their choices.

They will be rebooted with vague memories of these lessons, and will, hopefully, make good enough decisions the next time around. This determines where you end up. 

The Judge is open to the idea, but Shawn shuts it down. 

Michael realizes that Shawn is toying with them, and pretends to accept defeat. Shawn admits that fighting Michael has been the most fun he's had in a long time and he's not ready for it to end. 

Before the Judge presses her clicker, Shawn tells her that he agrees to Team Cockroach's plan. They collectively decide to work out the kinks so they can put the new system into motion.

The Good Place
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The Good Place Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

The cruelty of the punishment does not match the cruelty of the life that one has lived.


Eleanor: I know you're trying to think of ways to save every soul who's ever lived and whatnot, but we may only have a half-hour left to exist, so I just wanted to check in with you vis-a-vis...us.
Chidi: Oh, okay. Yeah, cool. I love you.
Eleanor: Woah. Really?
Chidi: Yeah. I love you. So, do you love me?
Eleanor: Yeah! I do.
Chidi: Well, then cool. You and I are on our way to coolsville.
Eleanor: You seem oddly sure, which is unlike you. But it's kinda doing it for me.