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Michael handpicks demons to create the new system. Tahani volunteers to be the test subject. 

Eleanor, Chidi, and Jason get to work, as well. Jason pulls the files on all of their lives and Eleanor worries that Chidi won't love her if he reads hers.

Worried that he'll resent her for eternity if he doesnt, Eleanor asks Chidi to read her file.

Vicky joins the demons and claims she wants to help.

Chidi reads Eleanor's file and ends up worrying that he's the one who's not good enough for her. Eleanor reassures him. 

The demons put Tahani in a simulation to try and create relatable problems for them to face. Michael scolds them when they can't stop using a bear with a chainsaw. Vicky asks to take a shot at it. 

Chidi tells Jason that he's worried Eleanor will get bored of him, which makes Jason worry Janet will get bored of him, as well. 

Vicky succeeds in creating a difficult situation for Tahani, but Michael gets jealous and tells her to leave. He confesses to Janet and Tahani that he's confused about his new purpose in the afterlife. 

Chidi convinces Jason that the only thing that matters is he and Janet love each other. Jason reveals that it was all a ploy to get Chidi to realize the same thing about his relationship with Eleanor. 

Michael apologizes to Vicky and asks her to oversee the project. 

The judge decides that the four humans don't need to take the test, as they have already proven they're worthy of the Good Place. They get on a hot air balloon and take off.  

The Good Place
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The Good Place Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Chidi: Maybe on paper, you and Janet don't make total sense. But, who cares? The relationship you have built together is wonderful. She knows you and loves you and that's all that matters.
Jason: Do you really believe that?
Chidi: Of course I do.
Jason: Hahaha! Sucker!
Chidi: Sorry?
Jason: I got you so bad! Dude, pretend what you just said was what you said to you instead of to me. And you have to listen to yourself because it was already in your own head and then came out. But just put it back in your head and realize that it was you talking about you and Eleanor!
Chidi: Against all odds, I know what you mean. And I gotta give it up. That was good.

I am a strong independent acid snake in the skinsuit of a strong independent woman.