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Tex drives Kara, President Oliver and Kathleen to San Diego to meet the Nathan James crew.

Tom, Mike, Sasha and Joseph realize that the military has been dismantled while they were sailing home. Sasha points out that there are signs that the government is being taken down from the inside.

Allison steps in to ease rising tension between the regional leaders, before her military personnel inform her that the Nathan James' location has been picked up on their radar. Allison sets off the bomb that will target the Nathan James once it sails closer to San Diego.

As Kara, Tex, President Oliver and Kathleen step in Las Vegas for food, a local man informs them that soldiers collected all of the supplies, and the city's population followed them.

They later arrive in San Diego, and watch as the two missiles hit what they believe is the Nathan James.

As Kara reveals that she wants to seek revenge on the people who targeted the Nathan James, they see trucks approaching the harbor. The group decides to follow the truck.

The crew aboard the Nathan James is revealed to be alive, and the ship that targeted was a decoy.

Allison tells Rebecca that she wants control over St. Louis. She adds that Wilson, the regional leader of the area, will only support the decision if Rebecca supports her. Rebecca says if her shipment safely arrives in her territory, she'll speak to Wilson about St. Louis.

Kara, Tex, President Oliver and Kathleen arrive at a warehouse where soldiers are seemingly holding food and supplies from civilians. As Kara explores the warehouse, Danny finds her, and she's relieved to know that he made it back safely. Tex, President Oliver and Kathleen reunite with Tom and the rest of the Nathan James crew.

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

The regional leaders served the military personnel a line that breaking up the country is the only way to save it.

President Oliver

During the last two weeks it took us to cross the Pacific, they dismantled the entire military.