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Tom informs President Oliver that  the anti-cure is being spread, particularly around ports that have been receiving the cure, and it's threatening to kill entire nations. Sasha believes President Peng is building the missiles that are holding the anti-cure.

Kara discovers that the video signal in the White House is purposefully being interfered with by an unknown signal. Allison apologizes to Kara for shutting her out, and emphasizes that the politics are changing.

Takehaya tells Mike the transfusions he and his wife, Kyoko, are receiving are not at as effective as they once were. The two captains agree that they can't allow Peng to spread the anti-cure anywhere else.

Tom, Sasha, Wolf and Danny arrive on the deserted island they believe Peng used to create the missiles. When they arrive, they meet the seemingly peaceful men who are inhabiting the island. A girl tells Danny and the rest of the Americans that the island isn't really serence. She also revealed that she's working as a slave, and a Chinese ship recently visited the island.

Alex expresses his concern to Kara that she isn't as devoted to her job anymore. He also questions her loyalty to Tom, and why the Chief of Naval Operations is so devoted to his work in Asia, since America is essentially collapsing.

Tom and his team believe they may have uncovered the bunker on the island where Peng's storing the anti-cure. The team is targeted by enemy fire. When they enter the facility, they discover Peng has cleared out most of his missiles, and is headed on a warship to Korea. Takehaya helps Tom, Mike and Sasha form a new route to track Peng to Korea.

Kara discovers that the signal blocking the video feed is coming from inside the White House.

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

You've left a lot of bodies in your wake, many of them American sailors.

President Oliver

We can fight him together. I owe you that much.