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The story jumps ahead to summer. Miller, his legs amputated below the knees, undergoes physical therapy. The Nathan James left for the invasion south without him. The Michener is back in action, filled with Marines. Many of Tavo's troops are protecting the Panama Canal. So the U.S. brain trust decides to invade at Playa Roja in Colombia, near Tavo's hometown. Nina Garside is on board to document the invasion, doing newsreel-style interviews. Hector predicts the Americans will attack Colombia, but Tavo refuses to leave his home. Tavo has his wife read the tarot cards while his generals look on in disbelief. All are turning on Tavo and they make a plan to kill him. Two of Tavo's ships are spotted. Gator proposes that the James and the Michener stay just outside the ships' areas of awareness. Gator's plan works. Tavo agrees to pull back a battalion of troops to Colombia. Tom sends Cobra Team to do recon of the landing zone. Danny tells Kara he's done with fighting after the war is done. Tom's hearing the battleship again, but no one else can hard any trace of what he's hearing. Another warship appears, between the U.S. ships and the recon party. Clayton has an untested software program to jam the warship's radar, and it works, as the two boats slip by. A gunboat nears Cobra Team, and a diver finds a marker. Danny and Burk take the boat, but Burk gets hit with a spear fired by a kid with a speargun and dies. Tavo killed all the generals but Hector, based on Conchita's card reading. Then he has Felipe kill Hector as well, after confronting him. Cobra Team says goodbye to Burk while the rest of the James crew watches old movies. 

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

The battle before us will likely alter the course of the war. The conflict that began in Mayport will end on the beaches of South America. And we will be victorious.


Courtney: Are you OK?
Miller: It's on. The invasion. This is it. D-Day is coming. The fact that we got off without anyone knowing means we have a chance to win this thing.