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Congress has declared war on Columbia following the sneak attack on the U.S. Fleet. Tom summons Midshipman Clayton Swain, who foresaw the attack, to help analyze the computer virus. Gustavo puts a bounty on Vulture Team. Tavo is trying to recruit Mexico to his South American Union. Satellites are falling back to Earth. Nathan James has lost most of its computerized systems, with only sonar and one small gun available. Swain is assigned to work with Alisha Granderson to find the virus and get rid of it. Vulture Team gets into an armed standoff with Armando Maza's rebels, until Pablo, a DIA agent and an old acquaintance of Danny's, intercedes on their behalf. Nathan James, needing to refuel, comes under attack. Tavo has built a bridge over the Darien Gap, so he can get his troops to Mexico. The rebels plan to blow up the bridge. To distract the warship looking for them, the Nathan James drops a torpedo in the water which will look like a sub on sonar. The plan is to herd the ship into range of the Nathan James' gun. They have to move the ship to line up the shot. Tavo's target is Mexico's largest oil terminal. Tom wants to send the Nathan James, accompanied by other troops, to defend the terminal, but the other commanders are hesitant. Tavo's troops attack the rebel camp. The others escape, but Danny gets caught when he goes back to rescue Pablo. The rebels are killed, one by one, including Pablo. Vulture Team and the rebels rescue Danny. The Nathan James sinks the enemy warship after several shots. Tavo has the Mexican ambassador killed. Tavo hands out supplies and money to civilians. Slattery uses "Moby Dick," Tom's favorite book, as a code manual, to let him know the ship is "fit for a fight."

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Gen. DuFine: The President may have declared war, but right now we don't have a military to fight it. We've got nothing.
Tom: Not true. We've got Nathan James.

That [image] doesn't do it justice. They hit us hard.