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Danny and Mindy begin the episode enjoying a nice breakfast at Danny's when his mother, Annette, makes her grand entrance. Though Mindy, seems very happy to meet her, Annette mistakes her for Danny's maid, but Danny doesn't correct her before she leaves.

Mindy gets mad at Danny for not telling his mother about Mindy. He says it is because his mother doesn't like any girlfriends, but Mindy promises that she'll get her approval with her fool-proof plan that get all mothers to like her.

Danny finally introduces Mindy to his mother at the office, who then invites her to her birthday brunch with Danny, his brother, and her friend. When Mindy shows up at the brunch, Annette shows her distaste for Mindy, but uses her plan to get Annette to actually like her. But it doesn't last long when Mindy stands up for Danny after Annette doesn't like Danny's generous birthday gift, a new oven.

Elsewhere, Peter offers his advice to Morgan, who won't stand up to Tamra in their relationship. Morgan tells Peter that he has to get rid of his dogs because of Tamra's allergy, which Peter doesn't believe, and holds a dog fair in at the practice. As Morgan tries to say good-bye to a dog, Peter tries to prove that Tamra has the allergy and puts the dog in Tamra's face. Turns out she was deathly allergic and had to use an EPI pen.

After Mindy confronts Annette about Danny, Annette gives her final approval of Mindy and forgives Danny. The three enjoy a meal with the new oven at Danny's childhood home. 

The Mindy Project
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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Morgan: Are you talking about Dr. Reed kissing your girlfriend or this directly applicable to this situation?
Peter: No. The latter, dude.
Morgan: What ladder?

OK, fine, you can meet her. I just can't listen to one of your cookoo plans before 10am.