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Now that Mindy is back in New York, she is having bad morning sickness. Since Mindy continues to get sick Morgan makes her a bedazzled barf bucket. Danny and Mindy are also becoming closer because of the pregnancy. But, with Mindy's eating habits, Danny becomes concerned with her health.

At the office, Jeremy tries to find a new doctor to fill in for Peter. While out of the office, Mindy runs into an old professor, Dr. Phillips, who has since retired, but not enjoying it. Mindy suggests that she apply for the open position at the practice. At the interview, the doctors try to promote the practice for Dr. Phillips. After the interview, she informs Mindy that she can't take the position. 

Mindy sneaks bad food against Danny's wishes to eat healthier. Peter has a doctor appointment from Texas with Mindy and Danny. During the appointment, Peter wants Danny to become Mindy's nutritionist to make her eat better. Mindy finds it hard to stick to her diet, since Danny is also changing by giving up smoking. Later that night, Mindy catches Danny smoking on the office patio. 

Mindy confronts Danny about the smoking. Mindy goes back on the diet. Jeremy tries to talk some sense into Danny and Mindy by making them stick to the diet and quit smoking. Two weeks later, Danny quits smoking and tries to convince Mindy to eat better. 

Mindy feels bad that she can not quit her eating habits. A potential doctor helps Mindy by saying that her morning sickness is not diet, but stress induced. He convinces her to give Mindy slack during her pregnancy. They tell each other that they were equally worried about the pregnancy. 

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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

We have a saying in my family. First they make you puke, then they wreck havoc on your birthing canal.


I have been eating for two my entire life and now I actually have an excuse, I'm not gonna waste it on steel-cut oats.