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Danny proposes to Mindy to make things good with God, but Mindy doesn't want to rush things. Before Mindy returns to California, Danny shares his excitement about the pregnancy by talking to her stomach.

Even though Danny wants Mindy to return to New York to raise their baby, she still wants to start the practice in San Francisco. Danny ends up deciding he will move to San Francisco with Mindy. But, Danny has to break the news to Jeremy.When Danny tries to tell him, Jeremy is not okay with everyone leaving with him, so Danny can't find a way to tell him. Danny becomes more nurturing and Morgan finds it suspicious.

Mindy and Rob are denied a loan because of Mindy co-signing a lease with her brother. Mindy visits her brother, Rishi, and gets mad for ruining her credit. She tells Rishi about the pregnancy and won't tell her parents yet. Mindy offers Rishi a position at the new practice. Rob offers the position against his will, but notices that Rishi is selling drugs. Mindy confronts Rishi about the drug dealing and they threaten each other to tell their parents. Rishi tries to quit dealing drugs, but his boss won't let him, so Mindy confronts him. His boss tells Rishi that he is good at his drug dealing. Eventually, Mindy threatens Rishi and he quits drug dealing. 

Danny calls his lawyer to add Mindy to his will. Morgan continues to investigate Danny's behavior, but thinks Danny is dying. Morgan thinks there is something to worry about and tells the rest of the office. Jeremy tries to convince everyone that Danny is not dying. Danny starts acting sentimental with his co-workers which causes more concern. Danny tells Jeremy the truth, but they have a miscommunication when Danny talks about moving and Jeremy talks about dying. Jeremy sets up a tribute for Danny at the office. They finally figure out the confusion and Jeremy is not happy.

Danny accidentally tells the office that Mindy is pregnant. Rob doesn't want Rishi working at the practice and Mindy realizes that she doesn't want to leave Shulman and Associates and leaves Stanford. Mindy wants Cliff's office space to open a practice.


The Mindy Project
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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Rishi, you can not be this little idiot that I have to take care of anymore. Because, spoiler alert, there's going to be a new stupid little idiot that I have to take care of.


Wait, fine, my credit is bad. Do you accept street cred?