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After learning she is pregnant, Mindy is in denial. When it comes time for her to tell Danny, she finds it difficult and decides to plan a trip back to New York to tell him. When she shows up Danny's dad and half-sister are there. Danny's sister has gotten into trouble at school and his dad wants Danny to talk some sense into her.

Danny shows his family the office. While there, Annette calls and Mindy slips up and tells her about Danny's dad visiting. Annette decides to invite everyone to dinner at her house. When Danny finds out he is not happy, and doesn't want Mindy to come, which she doesn't like. 

While talking to Peter, who is now in Texas, he tells Mindy to go to the dinner no matter what and she does. When they arrive, Annette gets dressed up for Danny's dad. Mindy overcompensates to make herself seem like one of the family. Annette brings her doctor boyfriend, Robert, to make her ex feel jealous.

When alone, Danny's dad wants him to take in his little sister to help her through her difficult time and he agrees. However, Mindy does not like that he didn't discuss it with her before he agreed. Mindy thinks Little Danny is overreacting about her problems and wants to prove it to Danny at dinner. Mindy gets Little Danny to admit that she only wants to get away from her dad and the desert, which is why she got into trouble. Little Danny and Mindy begin a slap fight, which Danny tries to stop.

When Danny pulls her aside, Mindy decides to leave hoping Danny will stop her, but he doesn't because he wants to deal with the 'family matter' which Mindy takes offense to. Annette gets mad at Danny for agreeing to take in Little Danny and letting Mindy leave. When she goes to get Mindy, Annette figures out that she is pregnant and is happier than expected.

Annette finally gets angry at her ex and Danny after she tried to prove the entire night that she had it together. She accidentally tells Danny that Mindy is pregnant. Danny decides to go after her. He finally finds her at the hospital to confront her. 

Danny tells Mindy that he is happy about the pregnancy and that they are a family. 

The Mindy Project
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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Mindy: This isn't one of thos guilt dinners where you guilt everyone is it?
Annette: No. Guilt dinners are only for you and they may need to stop because its getting expensive.

Your dad, huh? So this is who we have to thank for a lifetime of grouchy-ness.