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Mindy and Danny arrive at Stanford for her fellowship. 

They first meet a native Indian woman, Neepa, and her son, and both do not make the best first impression. While unpacking, Danny is very protective of Mindy, but she doesn't want him to worry or call in any favors since he knows her supervisor.

In New York, Morgan needs Danny to be back in time for a basketball tournament. After they talk, Tamra flirts with Morgan without him noticing. 

Mindy goes to the kickoff 'party,' but is surprised when it is a lecture. She does not make a good first impression with her classmates or the professor, Danny's former classmate. 

When Mindy goes to drop Danny off at the airport he notices that she is even more nervous about  the fellowship though she insists that Danny not call in any favors. On the first day, Mindy tries to apologize to the professor. He obviously does not like Mindy, so she uses Danny's name to get him to. Mindy decides to call Danny back from the airport so they can go on a double date with her professor 

Danny calls Morgan to tell him that he won't make the basketball game. Morgan is not happy. Tamra helps Morgan convince Peter to join the game. Tamra continues to flirt with Morgan, but Morgan is still dating Jessica. She is not happy and quits the basketball team. 

Danny and Rob, Mindy's professor, have a happy reunion. They meet Rob's boozy wife, Barb, who obviously is not happy in her marriage. Danny wants Rob to like Mindy and talks her up. When Danny thinks Mindy is fooling around under the table with him throughout the dinner, it is actually Rob's wife

Mindy wants to hang out with Rob and Barb more. Danny and Mindy finally realize the truth of the 'under-the-table' action Danny was getting. Mindy gets Danny, but won't tell Rob about what happened.  

While they fight, Mindy accuses of Danny of not believing she can stick it out at Stanford, when Danny agrees, he points out that Mindy doesn't think she can do it herself. Danny decides to leave for New York.

Morgan invites Jeremy to join the team, but he has never played basketball before. They find out they are going to play Tamra's team, Morgan's Worst Nightmare, and they kick Morgan's team's butt. 

With Mindy upset, she goes to a fast food restaurant and runs into Neepa, who works there and gives her a reality check on the privilege she has. 

Morgan wants the team to give up and go home, but Peter sees how much Tamra is yelling at her team so he pulls her aside. Tamra admits to having feelings for Morgan and how Peter won't understand. However, there is an exact parallel to Peter and Jeremy's situation with Lauren. At the end of the game, Tamra gives in and lets Morgan make a basket to make him feel better. After, one of Tamra's teammates asks her out. 

Rob tells Mindy how much he enjoyed their date, but Mindy tells him she doesn't want special treatment because of Danny. Mindy then tells him about his wife's 'foot sex' with Danny and he does not take it well. As he leaves to go see his wife, he gets hit by a golf cart on his bike.  Mindy wants Rob to like her for her without treatment. Since Rob can't do his surgery, because of the accident, he lets Mindy do it for him. 

When Mindy goes into the OR, she offers the surgery to her classmate, Neepa. After the surgery, Mindy goes back to her dorm room, and is surprised when Danny is still in California. Danny feels bad about their last conversation and wants to stay, but Mindy realizes that she doesn't need Danny to stay. 


The Mindy Project
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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Morgan: Hey Dr. P, you play basketball?
Peter: Just a pickup game I play with my friends. Mostly it's just an excuse to use black slang. [To Tamra] Excuse me, blood.

Answer me right now. What is more important? Your relationship with Dr. Lahiri or this basketball team I made you join 2 days ago?