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On the way back from a wedding, Danny and Mindy get pulled over while Mindy is driving. Mindy uses her lying and crying skills to get out of the ticket and the cop lets her go. Meanwhile, Danny and Mindy then have sex on the side of the highway.

At the office, Peter needs someone to be his beer pong partner at a Dartmouth party. Mindy offers, but Peter says TV writer, Shonda Rhimes, is the only woman allowed. Peter tries to recruit Morgan, who is horrible, but Jeremy ends up offering up his services as an apology to Peter. Jeremy, turns out, is quite good at beer pong. At the party, Jeremy does his best to fit in as a Dartmouth alum and learns of Peter's nickname, "Lefty." After beating Shonda Rhimes, Peter tells Jeremy that his nickname "Lefty" comes from all of his girlfriends leaving him. Jeremy feels guilty because he knows that he caused some of that pain when Lauren chose to date him. When Jeremy and Peter win the tournament, Jeremy convinces the rest of the Dartmouth partiers that Peter needs a new nickname and Peter dubs himself "Diarrhea."

Elsewhere, the Schulman and Associates employees start off on the wrong foot with the new head of obstetrics at the hospital. As a favor, Mindy takes her out so she will like them. After their night out, Dr. Jean kisses Mindy, but Mindy doesn't correct the misunderstanding. At the office, Danny tries to get Mindy to tell the truth, while Jeremy and others want her to continue to lie. Mindy eventually decides to tell the truth to Dr. Jean, but her wife interrupts and hears that she kissed Mindy. Mindy lies again by telling Dr. Jean that Danny is so angry that he wants to kill himself and Dr. Jean and her wife try to help Danny, even though he doesn't want to lie. He agrees and Dr. Jean and his wife try to talk him down.

Danny pretends to be ok with Mindy's lie by getting her to agree to things, like cooking dinner, and Dr. Jean, and wife, get Mindy to agree to them and make everything better.

The Mindy Project
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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

That was me. I just threw a dirty dish out the window because I didn't want to deal with it.


You're flirting with your reflection again. Cut it out.