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Mindy begins the episode describing how thoughtful of a boyfriend Danny is. He's romantic and thoughtful, everything Mindy wants. However, when an unfortunate incident occurs in the bedroom, Mindy becomes more self-conscious about the relationship.

Danny tries to talk his way out of what happened and Mindy chooses be mad at him for the incident. Mindy turns to Peter for advice, who immediately discredits Danny for his "mistake." Mindy confronts Danny who blames his "mistake" on his eyesight so they go to the ophthalmologist to prove it. But, his eyesight is perfect so Danny must admit to trying "it" in bed.  

Mindy asks Peter for sex tips with Danny, but Mindy decides to just try what Danny wanted. She asks Morgan for a pill to help get her through it and when Danny offends Mindy about their "old" relationship, Mindy takes the pill, which gives her hallucinations. 

After Peter's girlfriend chose to date Jeremy instead of Peter, the entire office chooses to side with Peter making Jeremy an outcast in the office. Morgan feels bad about abandoning Jeremy so he invites Jeremy to dinner while also inviting Peter to help them make amends. During a heated argument, Jeremy accidentally sets Peter's face on fire, causing him to lose his eyebrows.

Mindy goes to the hospital for her hallucinations, where Peter and Jeremy are forced to call a truce about Lauren. Danny apologizes for trying something and Mindy and Danny are back to good.

At the end of the episode, Mindy and Danny try something else new in the bedroom, however, it does not go as well as they had hoped.


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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Let's leave God out of this. I told him you were my assistant.


My office only has one entrance and I don't know if that's good enough for you anymore.