The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 5 Review: The Devil Wears Land's End

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After a new season that has focused on Danny and Mindy's new relationship, the show has decided to change it up with an episode focused on something different. 

And The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 5 did not disappoint.

The show had the feeling of its earlier episodes with Mindy causing trouble and unsuccessfully trying to fix the problem, but that made the episode all the better. 

The overall story was something that has appeared on comedies before -- person gets misunderstood for being gay, they're kissed, and have to fix misunderstanding. I'm blanking on many examples, but the one that comes to mind is Friends "The One with Rachel's Big Kiss."

This episode made the story thoroughly entertaining, which also included Peter and Jeremy's beer pong story.

Mindy was a highlight of the episode. There were just so many good lines from her, I could not keep up.

I was named "New York's 'It' Girl" by a magazine that I made at the carnival.


She made the kiss misunderstanding that much more fun by continuing to lie and dragging Danny into the mix. It was very Danny and Mindy: The Early Years, when Danny would get himself involved in Mindy's issues. Only this time, he is personally involved, rather than just the bystander friend, who drags himself into the issue.


Danny, I hate facing consequences. That's why I haven't opened my mail in two years.


And boy, did Danny play along.

Watching Chris Messina play drunk to convince Dr. Jean and her wife of being emotionally troubled was such a funny moment. Not only was it convincing, but having Mindy act out a story of the lie to Danny showed how good they are together. He even played back to Mindy's reference from early in the episode: Mindy fever, and it was great. 

I think I even noticed Mindy Kaling try not to break when Danny threw the wine in her face. I'm sure there's a blooper involving that somewhere.

And now, Jean has a case of Mindy fever, and we all know there ain't no cure for that.


But, in addition to Niecy Nash playing Dr. Jean, there was also a cameo by Shondaland extraordinaire, Shonda Rhimes, of Scandal, ​and others, fame as a beer pong phenom.

Am I the new mayor of Shondaland?


Though we actually never see her play beer pong, we're told she is a Dartmouth tournament champ.

Though, when I had heard she was going to appear in an episode, I was hoping she was going appear more in the episode, or have some scenes with Mindy, but her brief appearance was worth some laughs. If only we got to see her down a cup of beer, like Olivia Pope downs a glass of red wine.

You know I wrote a TV pilot about him [Peter] once, network said it was too sad.

Shonda Rhimes

Elsewhere, Jeremy fit into Peter's frat guy Dartmouth ways with a nickname and everything. But, nothing beat listening to his American accent he pulled off immaculately. You almost forgot that he was the straight-laced British doctor who pre-gamed with a glass of wine. 

I understand there are some fans who would be fine if Jeremy left, but I'm glad he got some more screen time this week, especially after the content he was given with Peter.

One aspect I have complained about this season are the endings.

This week, they finally changed up the ending and I couldn't have been happier. Though I know if the opening was switched with the ending, I would still be complaining about the same issue, but I digress. It was still a different ending. And what a better way to end the episode than with a shot of Chris Messina's pearly white smile?

Was anyone else expecting more from Shonda Rhimes' appearance? What did you think of Mindy's story with the new doctor? Did this feel like an older episode of the show to you?

If you want to take a look at the other episodes from the season so far, make sure you watch The Mindy Project online via TV Fanatic. 

The Devil Wears Land's End Review

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That was me. I just threw a dirty dish out the window because I didn't want to deal with it.


You're flirting with your reflection again. Cut it out.