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On The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 7 Laura and Jake team up a case regarding the recent murder of a man named David. When investigating him, they find out that he worked for his family at their gallery. Jake and Laura inform his sister and his father that David was killed, his sister finds the news shocking but their father does not seem surprised at all that his son was murdered. This immediately puts his father on the suspect list until they find out that David was also a gambler.

Jake and Laura go to a karaoke bar in Korea Town, discover a back-room gambling ring and find out that David was a frequent player at the game. Laura gets herself in the next game where she learns that a woman named Bridget, who is moonlighting as the cocktail waitress, is the ring leader of the games. Once Laura reveals who she is, Bridget tries to run off until Meredith knocks her down and brings her in. It is revealed that David has been laundering money through his families gallery. 

They go to the gallery and find out that the sister knew all along that David was laundering money but before they can arrest her for his murder, Laura figures out that it is his sister's boyfriend that is the one that murdered David. David was laundering money for him as well and when things got rough, he killed David. 

The Mysteries of Laura
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