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On The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 8, a woman is found murdered on a party bus. Laura and Bill arrive at the scene and find that the woman has glitter on her which leads them to a strip club. Turns out that she was there with a group of other women watching that men dance and one of the guys did a lap dance for her. Laura and Billy talk to the stripper and find out that the woman was staying at a local hotel, when they get there they find a convention going on for a women's beauty products called The Gold Leaf and the founder Margot is slowly becoming the top suspect. They find the woman was named Julie and that she was one of the top earners for the brand. When Billy and Laura investigate it further, they find out that Julie was not only a seller but she was investigating the company because Margot does not appear to be who she says she is. When Laura and Billy investigate in Margot's hotel room they find out that big secret that she is keeping, Margot has been lying about her age to sell her beauty products to the masses. Julie found this out and had a fight with Margot in the hotel room which was heard by an obsessed seller of the beauty products, to product Margot the other woman trailed Julie and murdered her.

Meanwhile, Billy and Meredith are preparing for the annual Rock N Run and Jake wants to take part in it. They train him and when the race comes around, Jake struggles through it and they end up getting last place. Jake is still seen as the hero because this is the first time that a department head has ever taken part in the race.

The Mysteries of Laura
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