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On The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 Episode 7, Laura and the team investigate the recent murder of a pregnant woman named DJ. Thankfully they get there in time to save the baby, but they still have to figure out why this woman was killed. Renaldo is able to provide Laura with clues as to who she might be thanks to a tattoo on her neck which leads to the team to an international smuggling ring. The team heads to the apartment and finds out DJ was part of a group of women who came from Nigeria to smuggle uncut jewels into the country, but DJ was able to escape from the men before they could cause her, or her baby, any harm. While interrogating the leader of the smuggling ring, he provides them with a name of a place where DJ may have gone for medical attention.

Laura and Jake head to a seemingly abandoned apartment, but are surprised when they barge in and find various women who are pregnant and a maternity ward in the apartment. Jake talks to a nurse who admits the women are there because they are from foreign countries and want to have babies who are US citizens or want to provide their children with dual citizenship which immediately makes Laura realize these women are on part of a maternity tourism group, but they are committing no crimes. As they talk to the nurse more, they find out their victim had been at the ward, but was also being seen by the doctor who runs the place. 

Jake and Laura are able to track down the doctor, but he isn't able to offer them any information and can only provide them with the name of the person who sublets the apartments. Jake is able to track him down and while interrogating him, the man is able to provide Jake with the email address of the one person who was with DJ the night she was murdered and it turns out to be the same woman who called in DJ's murder. 

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The Mysteries of Laura
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The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

The big ones are always so slow.

Meredith [after knocking a suspect down]

Jake: What's with he hair?
Laura: I got into a fight with my hairdryer.