The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 Episode 7 Review: The Mystery of the Maternal Instinct

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Renaldo to the rescue!

On The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 Episode 7, Laura and the team are surprised when an investigation into a murder leads them to a maternity tourism case. I admit I was nervous when I heard they were tackling a smuggling ring, but was pleased when they threw in the twist of investigating women from foreign countries coming to the states to give birth.

Let's not waste anymore time and discuss, "The Mystery of the Maternal Instinct."

The Mystery of the Pregnant Woman - The Mysteries of Laura

Who else is loving how Renaldo has become a constant fixture? I've enjoyed watching his character grow and become part of the team even more. Renaldo adds a nice amount of intelligence and comedy to the show, but tonight proved how amazing he truly is when he jumped into action to save the life of a baby. Plus it gave us the smallest of breaks from the Jake and Laura saga.

Speaking of Jake and Laura, I am not sure how Laura can still carry on a relationship with Tony while also agreeing to go on a date with Jake. It almost seems as though Laura is, intentionally or not, stringing Tony along while she waits for Jake to get better. It's becoming clear something is going to happen to put Jake and Laura back together.

It really wouldn't be a terrible thing if they did start dating, and eventually even got married, because they seem to have a better understanding of each other, but I just don't want to see Tony get hurt. Tony has been there for Laura through some tough times and he has stood by her while she took care of Jake after his accident without getting even a little bit jealous. He really is a great guy who fell for a woman who, unfortunately, has a lot of baggage which is no fault to either him or Laura.

Touching on the crime of the week, I have to say I loved how Captain Santiani got right to the point in getting the information they needed from the nurse. I've officially warmed up to her character, and I am slowly understanding the methods she employs. Though she could have at least given Max some credit for providing useful information, but I admit I am biased when it comes to my love of Max. 

In the end, Laura and Jake had some family time with the boys over dinner and it made it even more obvious they are planning on putting them back together especially when he proved he met Laura's terms. Jake does get credit for listening to Laura and getting a second opinion about his condition, but I still see something happening down the line when it comes to his heath.

Do you think Jake and Laura will get together soon? Do you think Tony will understand Laura's reasoning for getting back together with Jake?

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The Mystery of the Maternal Instinct Review

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