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As The Originals Season 2 Episode 18 begins,  Jackson and Hayley walk through the French Quarter in a bit of newlywed bliss. That is, until the realize everyone is staring at them and strange things are happening in the street. A strange man appears and tries to give them Black Dahlias for Hope. Klaus arrives and recognizes Dahlia's presence. 

Freya creates a tonic which will prevent Dahlia from using any of them for her kenning spell, but Klaus refuses to drink. He sees Dahlia's spying on them as part of her strategy and believes their minds too strong to be overtaken by her. Elijah suggests they create a new stronghold which Dahlia cannot know about to keep the baby safe. Freya suggests they use Jackson to trace Dahlia's magic to find her. Klaus decides to murder his aunt.

He finds Davina in the graveyard mourning the loss of Kol. He asks for her help finding Mikael and she at first refuses. He offers the ashes of Kol's real body so she can complete her resurrection spell if she agrees to help.

Aiden and Josh are in bed when Aiden gets a phone call. He tells Josh that Jackson's on the phone to hide the fact that he's actually talking to Klaus, who doesn't trust Jackson to protect Hope. He wants Aiden's help protecting Hope at the compound. Jackson is shaken up by the fact that Dahlia got into his head. He suggests taking Hope and the pack, running from Dahlia, and hiding in the bayou. 

Davina asks Klaus how it feels to be someone with something to lose as they sit and wait for Mikael's return to New Orleans. When Mikael asks if Klaus is ready for another beating, Klaus suggests they join forces on a witch hunt.

Elijah asks Josephine for help creating a safe house where Dahlia will be unable to find them. Marcel suggests the St. James Infirmary and when Josephine won't help them create a space where witches cannot practice magic, he says he would have to consider her an enemy should she choose to let his family live with Dahlia's threat. She suggests a blessing spell instead.

Mikael and Klaus discuss the possibility of joining forces to free both of their daughters instead of Mikael working with Freya since she may not survive the battle. Freya prepares Jackson and then channels Rebekah to find Dahlia. Rebekah learns that Dahlia is channeling Freya and asks her to leave the compound. Mikael agrees to listen to Klaus' plan to kill Dahlia just as they are visited by one of Dahlia's minions.

While Freya walks the city, she feels Dahlia's eyes upon her and then finds herself face to face with her long lost aunt. Dahlia vows to make it so that Freya will beg for mercy. Elijah returns to the compound to learn that Freya has been expelled because they didn't believe she could be trusted. He is angry that they do not trust her and thinks they've made a mistake.

Klaus and Mikael ask Davina to use a binding spell which will help them kill Dahlia. Once she binds the three ingredients which represent Dahlia's weakness to Mikael's knife, father and son will unite under a shared goal.

Freya returns to the compound and finds Elijah and Rebekah still there. She knows that Dahlia's next move will be to kill Klaus and Mikael and says she's come to warn them and asks for help saving them. Freya hints that she'll lure them into a place holding dark power just as Klaus and Mikael walk into St. Anne's. Dahlia surrounds them with her acolytes. 

Aiden visits Jackson at the compound and Jackson reveals his plan to get Hayley and Hope out of the city and into the bayou. Jackson asks him to get a car and then tells him to lead the wolves in his absence. 

Klaus and Mikael recover from the first wave of their battle and begin feeding on Dahlia's acolytes.

Josh confronts Aiden about his secret conversation with Klaus. Aiden reveals his conflict in choosing between Klaus or Jackson.

After Klaus and Mikael kill all of Dahlia's acolytes, she desiccates them with her bare hands. 

Hayley decides to go with Jackson into the bayou with Hope after seeing how scared Dahlia has Klaus and Elijah. Klaus tries to fight the desiccation in order to defeat Dahlia, but he's unsuccessful. As Dahlia attacks Mikael, Freya enters the church and distracts her. Mikael uses that as an opportunity to stab Dahlia with whatever he can find. Elijah arrives at St. Anne's and revives Klaus, who leaps at his aunt. Just before he stabs her with the knife, she disappears, taking the weapon with her.

Marcel and the vampires get to the compound to find Hayley and Hope gone. Marcel knows something is wrong. He finds Hayley and Jackson with the baby where they awaited Aiden's arrival. Josh and Aiden meet for a beer to celebrate the fact that he'll live another day. 

As the Mikaelsons discuss that there are no more relics with which to make more weapons to fight Dahlia, Klaus attacks Mikael with the white oak stake creating a pile of Viking ash which they can use. 

Josephine encounters Dahlia on the street late at night and Dahlia uses her to send a message.

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Sorry! I'd love to help but I'm a little busy grieving another dead boyfriend.


Good! Then it's settled! Off you pop to your respective tasks. Me, I've always been of the opinion that the best defense is a good offense. So I'm going to find a way to murder that god-forsaken witch.