The Originals Season 3 Episode 13 Review: Heart Shaped Box

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When we spoke to Riley Voelkel she teased Freya Mikaelson would find herself in a battle of life and death on The Originals Season 3 Episode 13

She also made the comment that her brother Finn, whom she wears in a pendant around her neck, is very, very important to her. We never could've guessed what she meant by that statement, but now we don't have to since it was Finn's essence which helped save her life.

Pretty cool for a long-faced stick in the mud of a brother who's probably a little angry that he's trapped inside a necklace, right?

Time to Train - The Originals

While Aurora's plan was definitely diabolical, I expected it to be, well, more diabolical. She does get major points for digging at least a dozen graves and making them all look identical so Klaus would have to either 1) guess the correct grave or 2) dig up all of them or 3) let his sister die. 

(Couldn't he have just used vamp hearing to find her heartbeat? Also, why didn't he heal her on the way?)

Klaus and Elijah worked together to save their sister and had ample opportunity to kill Aurora, but neither of them was able to go in for the kill. So now Aurora's free to team up with Aya who, for some reason, wants the originals dead in addition to being unlinked from her sire. 

Seriously. We've watched Klaus decapitate someone with a graduation cap. He couldn't have aimed a LITTLE higher with that sign and sliced her head off? Or thrown it just a little harder so that it cut her right in half? (That would've been an epic death.)

And then he couldn't even pull the trigger, proving, I suppose, that deep down, Klaus is a tortured soul for whom love is both no small task and also a twinge everlasting. He had the perfect moment to take the shot and he couldn't do it, instead walking closer to her so that she could upend him and get the gun back and then shoot Elijah.

I knew Elijah wouldn't die but that didn't stop me from holding my breath for just a second, particularly as Klaus was digging around inside his brother's chest cavity to pull out a wayward bullet. 

Aurora needs to die and I really, really hope Cami's the one to do it now that Hayley has begun training her.

Sure, it's completely unrealistic that Cami would be able to take on and defeat a thousand year-old vampire, but this is a show about vampires. What I'm saying is that stranger things have happened. Cami stabbing Aurora or ripping her heart out or ripping her head clean off her shoulders is not outside the realm of possibility here. 

Or maybe Stefan will share his little "wrap your enemy and yourself in invisibility and kill them" approach that worked so well on Julian when he shows up in New Orleans on The Originals Season 3 Episode 14. (Or on The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 14, since that's when the crossover begins.)

They have to come up with a better way to vanquish their foes because right now all the Mikaelsons are doing is allowing their enemies to team up against them with Marcel smack in the middle, risking the most with the least to gain.

Well, arguably the least to gain.

Marcel is a leader, so he takes his position as leader of The Strix seriously. He's at his best when he's commanding an army, as it were, so this is a natural fit for him independent of his allegiance to the Mikaelsons and his sire line. 

Aya's just not making it very easy for him to be a leader since she undermines him at every single opportunity. And why did he have to deliver the heart to her? Why do the Sisters answer to Aya and not Marcel?

There's much I don't understand about the inner workings and hierarchy at play in this super secret vampire organization, and now that I'm thinking too deeply about it I'm getting sort of grumpy. 

Basically, Aya needs to die too, and Hayley can be the one to do that since she's the reason Marcel stole Jackson's heart. Woe be unto Marcel when Hayley and the Mikaelsons learn that he was the one who took it. That will not be pretty.

That will be as unpretty as Cami trying to learn to fight. 

Hayley's right. It has to happen. Cami has to learn to defend herself against enemies instead of just carrying around a suitcase of magical trinkets everywhere she goes, like she'd have time to grab the right one in the heat of the moment and deploy it against the people trying to kill her.

Hayley was going way too easy on her though. Get in there, Hayley. Cami can take it. (BTW, the probably should've gone ahead and run with that "Cami has a blackbelt bit.")

Speaking of hearts, Davina and Kol. You guys, if they don't find a way to bring him back for her, I'm going to be so sad. It's going to absolutely wreck this girl if she loses her first love. 

I need someone to force Aya to keep her promise to have the Sisters help Davina raise Kol from the dead or for Freya and Vincent to figure it out. 

A devastated Davina is a dangerous Davina. The girl has literally lost everything. Give her this one. 

What did you think of "Heart Shaped Box"? How long do you think it will take for Aurora to be killed? Will Marcel learn that Aya is working with Aurora? Let's chat about tonight's episode in the comments below! And don't forget you can always catch up on anything you missed and watch The Originals online!

Heart Shaped Box Review

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