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We pick back up at LuAnn’s fashion event where Kristen leaves after Ramona confronts her about her behavior towards Bethenny. Dorinda tells Ramona that she was mean, even though it was her intention to defend Bethenny. Ramona agrees she may have come on a little strong. 

LuAnn is a little miffed that Sonja skipped her pre-party but made sure to get lots of time on the red carpet. Everyone notices that Sonja has been drinking before the party begins. Ramona tries to watch out for her as men hits on Sonja. 

Bethenny walks in to the party and feels like she’s walked into a storm because of Ramona and Kristen. 

The ladies make it to Turks and Caicos, despite the snow in NYC. Carole decides to record the trip. The house is beautiful with a private pool, a private chef, and the beach. Ramona and Sonja run off to get the best room. Bethenny is annoyed that they’re acting like spoiled children. LuAnn and Heather say that’s Ramona’s normal behavior while on vacation. Later, Ramona apologizes to Bethenny but she won’t give up her room.

Sonja is upset when the ladies talk about her hitting on someone else’s boyfriend back in New York. She says they are exaggerating. The ladies think she simply doesn’t remember because she was so drunk they had to take her home. Bethenny tries to have a conversation with Sonja about her drinking and it turns into a fight but Bethenny doesn’t back down. In the end, Bethenny thinks she’s gotten through but Sonja really hasn’t heard a word she said.  

The Real Housewives of New York City
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