Governing Difficult - The Republic of Sarah
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Grover visits Sarah in federal prison. Surprisingly, Ellen puts up Sarah's $1 million bail. Sarah picks Ellen as her defense attorney. Two months later, the jury acquits Sarah on sedition charges. The judge also confirmed Greylock's independence. Defying her father, Bella shows up for the independence celebration at the diner. Maya snaps at her. The power goes out. The N.H. governor shut down the utilities. Danny visits Corinne's house and meets her son Josh. But Corinne isn't there. Sarah is concerned what Ellen will do now that the trial is over. All the utilities cancel meetings with Sarah for fear of what the governor will do. Sarah has an angry discussion with her. Maya explains to Bella why she doesn't like her. Bella gives Sarah the idea of buying power from a Quebec windfarm then serves as her French translator. But his price is too high. Sarah decides to make a deal for two mines with Danny and Lydon to pay for utilities. Her friends  aren't impressed with her plan. Bella's father wouldn't let her go on the school trip because she helped Sarah. Lydon wants a third mine on a site that includes Grover's home. Corinne counsels Sarah to tell Grover the truth. Grover resists and Sarah threatens to use eminent domain. He storms off. Danny suspects Josh is his son but Sarah insists he isn't. Sarah tracks down Grover. He informs her that she can't be a good friend and a good leader at the same time. Then the power comes back on. AJ tells Sarah that William tried to retake the town by petition while Sarah was on trial and failed by a large margin. Tyler, with Maya's help, build a Montreal vision board for Bella. Corinne meets Piper, Danny's fiancee. The U.S. and Canada close their borders to Greylock. 

The Republic of Sarah
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The Republic of Sarah Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Sarah: My mother is a very capable woman.
AJ: When she's sober.
Corinne: If she's sober.

Sarah: What are you doing here?
Grover: Four hours from Greylock to Concord and that's the welcome I get?
Sarah: I told you I didn't want anyone seeing me like this.
Grover: Save it, Shawshank. I'm not going anywhere.