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A proposal is made to so three surgeries concurrently and Bell is too arrogant do decline it. Ed and his wife come in. He thinks he has cancer, but instead it's an atrophied testicle. He has to get it removed but Devon is in charge of showing him prosthetic options. They're grateful they can still have kids with just the one testicle. Christina comes in with abdominal aortic issues and needs surgery. Her young son has to talk her into going to the hospital and going through with surgery. He's attentive and deeply concerned about his mother and very mature. Nic relates to him and connects with him. York comes in with a bottle of syrup rammed up his rectum. He's a favorite patient and Irving has an entire collection of ultrasounds from all the things York came in needing removed. Devon doesn't understand the guy and is tasked with removing the object. He doesn't treat York as well as York would like. York gives him a terrible review. Conrad tried to have Christina surgery moved when he finds out Bell will be working on her. Nic gets Jude to agree despite Conrad's reluctance. Nic tries to get Conrad to open up. He tells her a very little bit about his father being a horrible person. The surgeries take place but disaster happens when the doctor who bell forced to work with him despite coming off a 30 hour shift, collapsed. Bell needs Mina. She ends up running from 3 different ORs as disasters keep happening because Jude got stuck in surgery with his patient who later died. At the hearing that Mina is forced to speak at for the mistakes made, it's revealed that Mina removed the wrong testicle and now Ed can't have kids. Bell shifts blame to Mina. However he doesn't want Claire to fire her when she asks, but he does want her to do something about the woman running the hearing. All three patients survived. Mina wears a fancy dress she made and heads out for the night. A man whom bell and Claire are trying to get to invest in the hospital isn't impressed by Bell but does invest in Lane. Lane confronts Nic again and threatens her after Lily snitches. Conrad sees Jude and Nic leaving together after Jude confides in Nic about the difficulty of losing his patient. Conrad bumps into the investor as he leaves. It's his father.
The Resident
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The Resident Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Gonna get you a bright, shiny new ball.

Ed's Girlfriend

This is a mortality and morbidity conference, Dr. Okafor, to ensure that an event like this--a horrific and preventable medical error-- doesn't happen again.

Dr. Leonard