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Conrad runs after a car that was following Nic and gets the license plate.

Devon chases after his patient, Claudia, who takes off in the hospital. She takes a scalpel and threatens people with it. She's hallucinating when she gets hit by an ambulance at the entrance. 

Austin wants Bell to scrub in with him and Mina on a surgery. 

Felix, a friend of Claudia's comes into the hospital raising hell trying to figure out what happened to her. He's argumentative and he gets all up in Conrad's face. Conrad tries to calm him down. 

Nic attempts to talk to Allie. She wants Lily's original bloodwork files.

York brings his mother Yvonne in. She fell, and Devon treats her.

Nic goes back home, but her door is open. She finds her sister, Jessie, lying on her kitchen floor. Her sister is having an Oxy overdose. 

Nic blames herself for not answering the phone earlier.

Claudia is having painful headaches. She's uninsured, so they want to figure out what's wrong with her before Bell kicks her out. A cop comes to see Claudia and former gangbanger Felix. He tells them that Claudia is like a saint who has saved lives including Felix by hiring ex-cons. She's a friend to the LAPD.

York's mother needs heart surgery, but she doesn't want it because she doesn't want to go under the knife. 

Lane visits Nic and Jessie in the hospital. She offers help and free rehab, but Nic declines and slams the door in her face.

Claudia seizes in the machine. She wakes up and Felix is by her side telling her how much he loves her.

Mina proposes an awake surgery and entices AJ to join him. York tries to threaten AJ but he doesn't care. Yvonne tells them that she has Chlamydia. 

Devon talks to all of the former ex-cons who are like family to Claudia to get information about Claudia that can help diagnose her. 

Jessie wakes up and talks about how she fell off after being clean for eight months. She thinks she's a liability to her sister.

Bell tasks Mina with keeping AJ  under control because of York's reviews. She tries to talk to AJ in the OR. He tells her about his life and c childhood being adopted. He also tells her that his demeanor and mouthiness is his superpower. He tells her that she's good but won't be the best if she doesn't get that too. He sees himself in her.

They figure out what's wrong with Claudia, but they don't have the expensive drug to save her and she's uninsured so she can't get it. Conrad has Devon contact the CDC for the drug, and he wants him to keep it off of Bell's radar. 

Allie calls t tell Nic she'll get her the files. Nic sees the same car outside of the hospital. 

Yvonne's mother talks too much during surgery and it's quietly driving AJ insane. He tries to control himself while talking to her. Jessica bursts in on surgery and after a bit Yvonne isn't doing well. AJ has her put under.

Devon and Irving call all over to get the drug they need. They finally contact someone after 39 phonecalls. He tells them that he'll be there in 4 hours with the drug, but it costs $48k. Conrad and Devon tell Claudia's family, and they say they can get the money together. 

AJ doesn't take well to Mina managing him in the OR. 

Nic notices all of the ex-cons who have assembled in the waiting room bringing money for Claudia's medicine. One of them, Mambo, recognizes her as the nurse who treated his uncle when he was in the hospital. His uncle raved about her. 

He tells her that if she ever needs him to return the favor, he will. She has him go over to the guy who has been threatening her's house and return the groceries as a form of intimidation.

Kevin, the man with the drugs, arrives at the hospital. He tells them that he used to work for big Pharma, but they won't distribute the medicine that would help so many, so he stopped working for them and distributes it himself. The money for the medicine goes back into he upkeep so he can keep helping more people. 

Felix gives him the bag of money and they give Claudia the drugs. 

Nic goes to meet Allie but someone broke into and ransacked the clinic. The police come as soon as she enters. She calls Conrad from jail and tells him that she has been set up. She has him check Jessie into rehab, but Jessie lashes out at him first. 

Devon informs Claudia's family that she's OK and everyone celebrates. He and Conrad have a drink to celebrate when Bell comes in to congratulate them but also threaten to fire them if they did something like that again. 




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The Resident Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

York: My mother is my entire life. Do you understand?
Devon: She seems like a very sweet lady.
York: She is a bulldog.

I can't lose this job! Stay away from me!