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Nic is still investigating Lane during her free time. She finds an employee who worked at Lane's oncology program. 

Devon has a patient who may have pulled a groin muscle. Bradley pages him to get him out of it. 

Mina tells Conrad to get his crap together and stop glaring at Conrad. 

Bradley keeps trying to get their attention. 

Bell gives a speech at a board meeting. In the middle of his speech, Bradley falls through the skyline and lands in the middle of the table. 

Bradley is bleeding out on the table and applying pressure isn't working. Conrad has to start working on Bradley while he's there because he can't transport him yet.

Nic confronts Lane at a coffee shop and tells her that she's looking into her and knows about her past and Nashville.

Everyone is assuming that Bradley attempted suicide except Devon. Bell tries to come up with a something to tell the rest of the board. He wants to call Bradley mentally unstable and cites the suicide rate of doctors under Lane's advisement. 

Bell meets with Dr. AJ Austin to recruit him to Chastain.

Nic goes to visit Anthony. 

Bell tells Mina to give AJ a grand tour of the hospital. 

Anthony tells Nic about his experience working with Lane. When he started asking questions about what was going on, He warns her off of Lane when Nic suggests they join forces and go up against Lane.

Mina goes to give AJ the tour and he likes her brutal honesty.

Devon and Conrad head to the roof to investigate Bradley's last moments before the accident.

Nic goe to the medical board to report Lane, but her appointment has been canceled and she's turned away.

The patient fractured his penis while working out on an elliptical machine. AJ is hard on Steve the patient until he is honest. He has an unorthodox practice that Mina is thrown off by.

Bradley's parents come in and wonder if he tried to kill himself. His father doesn't buy it, but his mother is more inclined to by it. Bradley's mother is only concerned about whether or not Bradley's career will be over. 

Mina promises that Bradley will be OK.

Nic notices that she is being followed. 

AJ antagonizes the attending working on Bradley. He berates the staff and tries to jump in on the surgery. He finally challenges everyone enough until he's given the scalpel and takes over. He tries to berate Mina to, but she tells him that he doesn't scare her.

They discover that Bradley has heart disease.

Nic tells Conrad that someone is following her.

Uppers were found in Bradley's locker. Conrad comes up with a plan. 

Conrad figures out that the energy drink Bradley was drinking triggered his heart condition.

Bell asks Mina if AJ would be a good addition and she agrees as long as he's not around conscious patients.

He intimidates Steve to guarantee that he won't do something stupid again and end up back at the hospital. 

Someone stops by Nic's house claiming to deliver groceries. He was there to send a message and intimidate Nic.

Bradley admits to the gang that he was suicidal. 

AJ agrees to stay if he gets to work with Mina. 

Conrad comes to Nic's house after the threat. She agrees to stay at his house. 

Someone is taking pictures of them from the outside. 



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