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Bell holds a board meeting to discuss QuoVadis and what happened to Henry. He tries to convince the board to cut ties with Gordon. Marshall backs him up. After the meeting,

Conrad tries to convice Zoey to go to the press about Gordon. She agrees, but Gordon shows up at the hospital and bribes her with money to support Henry, so she back out of it and takes the money.

Gordon hads an event to show the miliatary that they'll use the VNS to cure PTSD. Devon and Mina go to the event to try to convince others not to get into bysiness with Gordon. They try to talk to Benedict while he's there, but he'll only speak to AJ. COnrad tries to get the phone to surgery, but AJ is too busy, and Benedict doesn't talk.

Gordon catches him talking to Devon and Mina, and he questions him about it later. Benedict denies telling them anything

Simon, the hospital's custodian is cleaning when Bell notices something is worng with him. He realizes he is sick, and AJ, Conrad, and Bell treat him. He and Bell are close and have none each other since Bell was a resident. Simon agrees to risk a surgery.

The surgery doesn't go well, and he dies. Bell cleans up the operating room in his honor and and sad about the loss.

A woman comes into the clinic. She used to be a patient of Alec's when he had the mobile clinic. She has gallladder issues but needs surgery. She can't get a surgery quick enough unless it's an emergency, but she lives too far away to just come back.

Alec lets her stay in the mobile clinic until he surgery in three weeks. She jeoparsizes herself to trigger her gallbladder issues so she can have an emergency surgery.

Alec tells Nic that he likes her and that he thinks there is something more between them. She walks away. 

The Resident
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