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AJ goes to Abe's house to talk and finds him in his room shot in the chest. He gets him to the hospital and works on him. It's considered a self-inlflicted gunshot wound, but AJ knows he wouldn't hurt himself. 

Devon thinks it has something to do with Gordon trying to shut Abe up. They want to look into it further and everyone works like hell to treat Abe. 

Mina and AJ operate on him, but they can't keep going without putting him in jeopardy again. He almost wakes up but passes out again. Devon wants to take him up to get information about QuoVadis and Julan. 

He needs to go on ECMO but only one of the two machines is available and it will take a day for another to be sent. They don't have that time. 

Unfortuantely Nic and Conrad are also on the case of two college students with Mono. The guy, Evan ,develops psneumonia and needs to machine because it's so severe he may die. 

The  doctors go to Bell to resolve their conflict an it's agreed that the boy will get the ECMO. AJ is afraid hs friend will die but Devon proposes a procedure to help. He also wants to wake Abe up for infromation. 

Abe writes down a word. 

Marshall and Conrad were working together when Marshall approached Gordon.Gordon is reluctant to work with Marshall. Marshall goes to the FBI and they bug him. 

He speaks with Gordon again and tells him that Abe is alive and talking. Gordon has Marsall call Conrad to confirm. Gordon is admits he sent someone to get rid of Abe. He notices the bug and has his men knock Marshall out. 

When they're leaving they end up in a shootout with the FBI. Then a car chase. Gordon gets into an accident and the car explodes. Conrad runs to find his father, and he's OK. 

The Resident
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The Resident Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Mina: I'm sorry about your friend.
AJ: Abe taught me everything I know.

I am curious what the chairman of the board of the hospital who just stabbed QuoVadis in the back wants from me.