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A group of people on a nature hike find Julian's care in the lake. The police arrive, pull it out, but Julian isn't in it. They search for her body, and report it on the news, but they haven't found her body. 

Conrad calls to tell Devon who is passed out at his old apartment. He goes to Julian's home to look for her. The landlord says she hasn't seen her, but she owes rent, and she's been feeding Julian's cat. He finds Julian's phone bill, calls the last number, and realizes that it's the FDA. 

He realizes that Julian was probably trying to whistle blow, so he tells Nic, Conrad, and Mina.

Mina and AJ tell Bell that he needs to pull the defective valves. Bell doesn't believe that Gordon is paying people off, and they point out that he's on the payroll and so was Benedict. Gordon reminds Bell that he helped him when no one else would and didn't ask questions. He expects loyalty. 

Bell pulls the valves anyway, and Gordon tells him he will be sorry. 

Conrad meets the new patient Eloise. She has Cystic Fibrosis and needs new lungs. Her parents offer to donate their lobes for her, but she wants the triple organ transplant that Kit presents. Kit breaks down thinking about the case, and Conrad says that AJ will be willing to do the surgery. 

AJ is willing especially since Bell told him to only take easy cases until he's in the clear. He and Mina agree to do the surgery, but they have to convince the ethics board. They put up a good argument, and when it's a deadlock, it's up to Bell. Kit convinces Bell to do it. 

Eloise wants to livestream her surgery for the other medical students, and she geeks out over AJ. They prepare for surgery, but the lungs are no good. They decide to take the pancreas and liver, and they'll get the lobes from Eloise's parents. One of the surgeons punctures her mother's pulmonary artery. AJ has to come in to help fix it. Bell insist on taking over. 

Everything works out, and Eloise's mother is on the mend. 

Jessie is preparing for a job interview. When she shows up at the hospital looking for Nic, Conrad suspects that she is using. He tells Nic, but she's in denial. She later sees Jessie's old friend's parents at the hospital. 

Jessie's old friend overdosed. She goes home to earch through Jessie's things. Jessie comes home and they argue. Nic finds pills and Jessie blames Nic for being too hard on her. 

Nic kicks Jessie out when Jessie refuses rehab. 

Later, it appears as though Jessie may be returning. 


The Resident
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The Resident Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

You can't tell me how to run my business. Who the hell do you think you are?


AJ: You need to pull all QuoVadis products now.
Bell: Because of one resident's science project?