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CoNic have sexytimes, and he surprises Nic with reservations for the best restaurant in town. She can't go, however, despite it being Valentine's day because she has to go to family day at Jessie's rehab.

Bell is booked all day for surgeries and that is how he is celebrating the holiday and putting off having to go to a fancy event later. Devon and Mina are stopped by their neighbor who gives them cookies. When he gets to the hospital, he tells Conrad that he heard from Trescott the FDA rep and that he told him Julian was trying to get a job with them. He doesn't think the police are still looking for Julian.

Their neighbor comes into the hospital, and despite their best efforts, she dies. Devon and Mina want to know how she died because she was too active and wasn't sick. They contact her niece and tell her, but she doesn't seem to care about anything but the money and claims her aunt was not as nice as she was to everyone else.

Kit has to help a teen named Chet in the ED whose upper arm is impaled somehow in the side of a car door which is with him on a gurney. Kit cannot figure out the details of his accident. He confesses he just met a female online and they had sex in the car. He accidentally hit the emergency brake and that's how the accident happened.

Conrad meets with a patient named Otto and his boyfriend Dante. The patient has fatigue and weakness. He used to be an alcoholic. Otto begins bleeding from the mouth and falls unconscious. They rush him to surgery. They see something that may be linked to alcoholism, and Dante is upset about it. Conrad doesn't want to jump to conclusions however and they talk about all the things Otto talks about. It turns out he has early onset dementia instead.

Devon wants an autopsy for Gertie. Bell refuses because of her age. He and Mina convince the niece to donate Gertie's body to science so they can do an autopsy. She also talks AJ into performing it.

They found out that she had a condition that led to an aneurysm. It's hereditary so they have to operate on her niece too.

Kit gives Chet advice after he falls ill again and then she catches him having sex in the bathroom. Later, she agrees to join Bell to his function.

Nic calls Conrad and tells her she won't make it to dinner, so he gives the tickets to AJ and heads up to see Nic for a surprise impromptu dinner.

AJ gives the tickets to Mina who he overheard agree to celebrate Valentine's day with Micah. At the dinner, she thinks he's sick, but he's really proposing to her. She's shocked.

Jessica is hurt when Irving isn't into PDA at the hospital. She thinks that he's embarrassed to be with her. After a misunderstanding leads to Nomi hitting on him, he goes to make up with Jessica. He plans a romantic lunch in the hospital elevator where they were trapped.

The Resident
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The Resident Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Mina: If you donate her body to science then you won't have to pay for a funeral.
Gertie's Niece: Where do I sign?

AJ Austin, Doctor of Love.