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Nic talks to her a sister in a field of flowers. Jessie reassures Nic that nothing was her fault. Jessie is shown like she's alive, but really she's just a figment of Nic's imagination, and she has died. 

Conrad and Kyle look on. It's been a month and she's not ready to spread her sister's ashes yet. 

A new neuro center is being built at Chastain and the free clinic is closed. Nic has to take Kyle to get his follow up checkups but she hasn't been to the hospital since Jessie died. 

A kid goes missing in the hospital. Conrad goes to find him, and he runs into a friend of his in the basement. The kid is hiding down there, but they don't see him. There's a gas leak and a medical device explodes. There is another explosion. 

Nic and Devon race to find Conrad. He saves the kid and has Devon take him to the OR. He tells Nic to leave, but she doesn't . He saves Annie, his friend. 

Conrad has fractured ribs and a sprained ankle. Mina and AJ perform surgery on Annie to remove shrapnel and all. During the checkup AJ and Conrad realize she has a brain tumor. 

Bell is supposed to meet new top neurosurgeon Barrett Cain and make a good impression. He bills $80 million which is the type of money they need to be bringing in to keep the hospital afloat. Bell is told that Kit doesn't bill as much and that she may not be necessary. 

Bell meets Cain and he's arrogant and good at his job. He's larger than life. He comes in to remove Annie's tumor and does so in under five minutes and leaves the residents to patch Annie up. Conrad, and AJ and the others are not enthused by his presence. 

Former patient Eloise who has CF is working as an intern at the hospital but Devon, Kit, and the others coddle her and dont' want her to get sick. 

The young boy who ran away was internally decapatated and Kit has to treat him. She succeeds. Bell invites Kit to Barrett's party for the elite doctors and wants her to make a good impression, but she calls Barrett out on being fake and leaves. 

Barrett is luring Bell into his old ways with focusing on the finances and the finer things in life. 

Kyle thinks there is more to Jessie's death. He tries to get Nic to talk about it, but she's angry at him for brininig it up, so he enlists Conrad to look into it instead. 

Nic and Mina bond over losing sisters. Mina comforts Nic, and they help a mother wose baby was sick who needed help from the free clinic before it was closed. 

They have a new misson to re-open the clinic. 

The Resident
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The Resident Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

I love this Game! Wonder Twins do it again!


Nic: I keep trying to rewind the clock. It must have been something I could have done differently.
Jessie: Remember what I told you? This is not your fault.