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  • Conrad and AJ are working out when AJ gets an alert about people discussing all of Billie's mishaps
  • People are bashing Billie all over Twitter and everyone is seeing the alerts about it. 
  • The board wants to relieve Kit of her CEO duties because of the controversy around Billie. The board votes to remove Kit temporarily and reinstate Bell to take the heat
  • A window cleaner gets injured and is suspended in the air
  • There is a nurse shortage and  many of the nurses are taking traveling gigs because it's paying so well.
  • Trevor passionately defends Billie when the interns and others around the rumor mill talk about her. 
  • Billie confides in Conrad. The resident who has been talking about her the most overhears. 
  • Kit is called in to help the window washer. 
  • Jessica is considering a travel nurse positoin 
  • Jessica tells Bell that she may be leaving. 
  • Billie is losing her patients. All her surgeries are taken off
  • The resident tells Trevor about what she overheard and Trevor texts Billie about it. 
  • Billie reaches out to Porter to talk. He refuses her terms and demands a complaint withdrawl. 
  • Tara the window washer has a herniated cerebellum after her surgery
  • Jessica gets an offer in Sacramento and a short deadline to make it work.
  • Billie tells Bell and Kit she wants to withdrawl to protect her son, but she doesn't share who her son is.
  • Trevor figures out who Porter is and his relation to him despite AJ trying to stop him. AJ tries to remind him that his father isn't a reflection of him. 
  • Billie makes an exceptional save during a surgery 
  • Jessica negotiates better terms to stay with BEll
  • Bell and Kit show up to support Billie when she calls the meeting to withdraw her complaint. Trevor shows up and announces that he's Billie and Porter's son and tells them to test his DNA. 
  • Padma tells Leela that she wants to have a child and she wants Leela to give her an egg. 
  • Trevor and Billie talk and he tells her he needs some space to process for a bit. 
  • Conrad shows up and offers to take the day off so they can spend time together and talk. 
  • Porter is out and Bell is getting the board position. 
The Resident
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The Resident Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Randolph Bell, the man, the myth, the scrub nurse.


Conrad: Hey.
Billie: Hey.
Conrad: You know I care about you, right? What is going on here?
Billie: I wish I could tell you, Conrad.
Conrad: You can.
Billie: You wouldn't understand. Actually, the only person who did was Nic. Times like this I really miss her.
Conrad: Nic wouldn't want you to carry this weight alone. Talk to me.