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  • A patient comes in and ends up dying in the Er. He has drugs that say Conrad prescribed him, but Conrad did not and the prescriptions don't line up. Cade tells Conrad and tells him he has to go straight to the FBI. She gives him Todd's name to contact
  • Devon starts his clinic trial.
  • Kit sees that Trevor has gone MIA since talking about Billie, and she's been trying to find him.
  • Cade leaves in the middle of shift.
  • The sisters tell Devon about Padma's wish to use Leela's egg
  • Cade beats Conrad to theFBI and seems to know more than he does
  • Cade and the FBI believe that there's a pill mill and the people have been using Conrad's name to have prescriptions everywhere.
  • Cade has been delivering information and reporting on how the mafia pushes drugs this way and that's why the FBI have been watching out for her.
  • AJ visits his mother
  • Leela tells Mariana that her lung collapsed, which makes the second time for her.
  • Albert is having a difficult time with the treatments during the clinical trial
  • Bell realizes that the board isn't what he thinks when they won't even consider hearing the case against one of their friends.
  • Cade tells Conrad that she reported medicare fraud at the hospital she worked at when she was a resident, got hooked on the high of nabbing people and worked with the FBI, but they went after the mafia, and there was an attempt made on her life. She's been running and hiding from the mafia for two years.
  • They share a moment where they acnowlede the feelings they have for one another, but she says she doesn't get involved with people because she will leave.
  • Devon raches out to Conrad for help with Albert.
  • Bell tells Kit about what he had to deal with at the board. He reaches out to the person who filed the complaint to talk about Dr. Bosley.
  • Devon informs Conrad that Albert is four does into the five dose regiment and he's getting worse.
  • Leela concludes that Mariana is battling endometriosis. Leela tells AJ who commends her for the diagnosis,and they get ready for surgery
  • Albert gets intubated and is put on dialysis
  • The latest scans show that Albert's stabilizing and that he's improving because of the trial.
  • Leela tells Devon that she;s not sure if she wants kids anytime soon, but she can freeze her eggs while she gives Padma one.
  • AJ asks Conrad about Cade. But Conrad doesn't give up and says Gigi is the only girl for him.
The Resident
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The Resident Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Devon: I know I don't have a say here, but I-
Leela: No, you don't. My body. My sister. My egg.

Mariana: I thought I was about to die.
Hundley: You were dear, but Dr. Devi saved you like the boss she is.