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  • Bell and the Raptor are performing together and talking smack about how great they are and why one of them should've been chief when they have an issue with their patient and nearly lose them before saving them. Kit calls them to her office.
  • Amber, a nurse there, uses the kids to ask Conad out.
  • Kit brings in Sophia to coach them and they're not fans of it.
  • Celeste shares that it's difficult to take care of her husband George. Medicare wouldn't pay for a at home healthcare aid. They're both activists who are bankrupt by their bills and can't haelp.
  • Devon wants to figure out a way to help Celeste because she's burning out. They have to call in a social worker.
  • More nurses are using Gigi to flirt with Conrad as he takes her along while he treats patients.
  • Winston returns as a social worker, and he promises to take care of them and figure out a solution, but George doesn't want any help, only Celeste, and Celeste is burned out and desperate for any kind of service or aid
  • Sofia watches their surgeries and offers them advice on how to improve their surgical procedures. Bell and the Raptor are resistant to change.
  • Raptor challenges Sofia, but she gives it right back to him.
  • Bell practices Sofia's suggestions.
  • Devon figures out that George has Parkinsons. Winston goes to talk to Celeste about it but she's in need of treatment.
  • Brent, a frat boy, gets brought in with glass in his abdomen and he needs trauma surgery.
  • Celeste tells Conrad that she doesn't want to be in the room with her husband and how sometimes when she wakes  up she wishes that he was gone because she's so tired of taking care of him.
  • Celeste has a stress related heart condition from taking care of her husband.
  • They suggested that George goes to a facility while Celeste can recuperate on her own. She tells him that she needs that and advocates for herself to her hsuband.
  • Bell and the Raptor use all of the skills that Desoto suggestedfor them in surgery and it works out.
  • Conrad also encourages Devon to get back into trials and the science of it all. He talks to Kit abut a proposal or a trial.
  • AJ ask Sofia to stick around to help him better himself and she agrees.
  • Conrad with encouragement from Billie, asks Marianne, Gigi's pre school teacher out.
The Resident
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The Resident Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

What I've learned about what stands between a solid doctor and a good one is ego.


Conrad: Look at that. You are a magician.
Gigi: No, daddy. She's a nurse.
Hundley: Same thing.