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  • Bell starts noticing that his hand is tremoring again. 
  • Devon tries to work on his grant proposal but he gets called into the ER. 
  • AJ wakes up to an alert that his mother is having a hard time breathing again and leaves his groupie's room.
  • It's all hands on deck when a car pile up comes in.
  • Conrad calls Trevor over for to suture up one of the patients, but she tells them that a bike rider rode right into traffic and that something must be wrong with the guy.
  • Wyatt thinks he's lucky. But he passes out again when talking to Conrad and Trevor.
  • Devon and Leela check Britt, a cartoonist. She has a benign tumor which Leela catches well. She consults with Bell, and they won't do operations, but Bell is still worried about her hand.
  • Leela tries to talk Britt through her decision of whether she should or shouldn't have surgery before she scrubs in on an operation. 
  • Wyatt has a heart block because of his Sarcoid. He fainted and crashed his bike. He needs a pacemaker. 
  • Wyatt doesn't want the pacemaker and is willing to take the odds that he won't die without it.
  • Kit tells Devon to interview candidates for the ER to replace him and it interferes with him getting his grant proposal in on time.
  • Kit is overworked and stressed out pulling all nighters and considers doing Padma's wellness retreat. 
  • Trevor and Conrad have to convice Wyatt to get the pacemaker while AJ has to make a tv appearance and juggle checking up on his mother who is getting worse.
  • Leela's patient Britt isn't there when she returns to check on her. 
  • Devon's first interviewee has an extensive detailed chart of how he plans to capitalize on healthcare in the ER and claims he can talk Devon through it in an hour or two.
  • Britt is having a  hard time making the decision and wants Leela to make it for her.
  • Wyatt uses FB posts to justify why he can't use the pacemaker. Trevor grows more aggravated by the moment. 
  • Conrad reminds Trevor that they can't push too hard. They tell AJ that they're having a hard time, and they consider that maybe because he believes in luck and otherwordly things they can have the psych department declare Wyatt incompetent and incapable of making decisoins himself. 
  • Wyatt talks to the shrink and also says he doesn't want to be resusciated eiter. 
  • Kit consults with Padma and wants to hire her to help the doctors combat burnout. 
  • Leela asks Bell with help making a decision for the patient. 
  • Leela decides to have her patient perform the surgery.
  • The shrink rules that Wyatt is competent and Trevor is upset by this and wants Conrad to do something.
  • Wyatt's condition worsens. Trevor keeps proposing thinsg that would violate his rights to save him. 
  • Bell doest feel well and struggles in surgery and has to leave Leela on he own to preform the surgery solo. Which terrifies her. But she succeeds.
  • The medical staff meet with Padma for wellness but all get called away. 
  • Conrad tires to reason with Wyatt one last time and Trevor watches, but then they just sit there with him while he dies. Both are emotional and Conrad reminds Trevor of how difficult it is and doing the right thing. 
  • Devon talks to Kit about all the interviewees being burnt out and him being the same. 
  • Conrad talks to Bell about how he wonders if hemade the right decision with Wyatt but that Trevor learned something anyway. 
  • Bell tells Conrad that someting is wrong with him and he needs Conrad to find out under the radar. 
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The Resident Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Trevor: OK, you've seen this problem before?
Conrad: All the time during the pandemic. A lot of patients who died claimed that COVID was made up.

I wish I could engage. If there were 28 hours in the day, I would gladly wax poetic with the patient about the benefits of the pacemaker, but I do not have the time. I have way too many patients who would kill for an easy cure. I have too many obligations.