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  • Ian gets settled into life at Chastain and is a charmer. He's also trying to cop pills from people.
  • They caught the person who shot her. But Cade still doesn't want to leave the hospital bed.
  • Cade is thrown off by her father pretending to care about her more. But because she's a patient he can muster more concern. She confides in Conrad about her strained relationship with her father.
  • They get a young teen Marco rushed into the ER. They have to revive him because his heart went into a dangerous rhythm and now they must get to the bottom of that.
  • Devon checks up on his trial patient Albert. The trial is working on him. He no longer has tumors in his lungs and is in complete remission.
  • Devon is getting courted by many offers from other research facilities and Kitbell are worried that he could be leaving Chastain. Especially because of Leela.
  • Marco has osteogenesis imperfecta and has had many fractures and breaks. But now his sternum is basically strangling is heart and it could kill him, but it's also risky.
  • Marco wants the surgery in hopes that he can totally be better but his mother is still reluctant about the whole thing.
  • Conrad shares a moment reminscing with Devon and makes his plea that Devon not leave Chastain but also recognizes that he earned this and deserves to see what else is out there.
  • Ian gets meds for Cade, knowing that she won't take the benzos, and he pockets them.
  • Ian goes to talk to Kit instead of taking the promised walk with Cade, so she tries to do it all on her own and collapses.
  • Marco's mother doesn't want to do the surgery despite Billie and AJ's recommendations.
  • Ian tells Kit that he wants to relocate closer to Cade and is angling for a job. Kit offers to show him around.
  • No one finds Cade until Conrad comes to see her and her incision opened with her bleeding ou.
  • Cade talks to Conrad about her inattentive father.
  • Marco's lungs start failing him so they have to intubate.
  • They show off in Baltimore at the hospital courting Devon. Including implementing his Chastain protocol for rabies and a dream research lab. They want Devon to be the director of the program.
  • Billie and AJ tells Marco's mother that they have to operate, there is no other way.
  • Kit offers Ian the chance to scrub in with Billie and AJ.
  • Conrad and Ian get into it about Cade.
  • Ian pops more pills and bows over in pain as he heads into surgery, but when Kit finds out, he dismisses it. He scrubs into surgery.
  • Ian impresses during surgery.
  • Kit sees through Ian's charm and has some concerns.
  • Devon and Leela talk about the job opportunity and their relationship.
  • Ian tells Cade about the job offer and she mentions that she knows he's pocketing benzos.
  • She's aggravated that he has a new agenda.
  • Billie and AJ talk about feelings and she won't share who she fell in love with but AJ knows anyway and tells her to go talk to Conrad.
  • Conrad and Gigi stop by Cade's room before they leave. Gigi gives Cade a hug. Billie sees Conrad and Gigi in Cade's room.
  • Bell isn't doing well. He can't see and is having an MS flare up and Kit calsl his doctor.
  • Ian is in his hotel room and grabs his side again and collapses.
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