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Conrad and Billie wake up in bed together and caress each other.

  • Cade and James slept together. He wants to ride into work with her. They go another round together.
  • Bell has returned home and is frustrated with the developments with Betz and the hospital.
  • Bell says things at the clinic went well but Kit can tell that he doesn't seem to be honest. Bell says the treatment isn't working as well as it did before and they need to make a new plan.
  • They hear that there was a helicopter crash and Betz was on it and will be taken to Chastain.
  • It's all hands on deck when everyone shows up to help for the crash.
  • The pilot is considered a hero for being able to land the copter with zero visibility.
  • Betz doesn't want to be there and prefers Atlanta General.
  • thea, the pilot's parents are angry that the governor made her fly in horrible weather and she has heart issues.
  • Betz is still angry and doesn't want to be at Chastain and thinks that they're punishing him.
  • The millionaire patient Devon helped with the ageing thing calls Devon again and tries to get him to join him in his business venture.
  • Leela visits Padma in her in rehab and she feels guilty about the situation and AJ.
  • They discover that Betz had previous heart attacks and he has another heart issue. He needs a heart transplant. They have to open up the vessel and perform surgery on him to help.
  • Ian returns from his supposed trip across Spain.
  • the chief of staff is telling the public that Betz only had minor injuries and they know that if something happens, it'll get blamed on them. They want to get him transferred. But Betz's heart is only working at ten percent and he's too critical to move.
  • Betz wants a new heart instantly and doesn't want to wait.
  • Bell picks Devon's brain about his latest MS trial. He tells Devon that he wants to make some smart choices about his treatment moving forward and he's taking it day by day.
  • Ian tells Cade that he has to be honest with Kit about why he was gone. He's worried about losing his job.
  • The pilot is not doing good at all.
  • Leela encourages Devon to work with Marco the millionaire for the greater good.
  • Betz offers to float money to Chastain to save it if he gets higher up the list and gets a heart and AJ entertains it for a greater good.
  • Conrad and AJ strongly disagree about AJ's ability to compromise his ethics. But AJ convinces Conrad to go for it.
  • Devon meets up with Marco. Marco says he's onboard.
  • Ian meets with Kit to tell her the truth about his addiction. He chooses to resign isntead of telling her the truth.
  • James questions why AJ chose this option instead of VAT. He calls them out on what they're doing, but he says he doesn't want to know.
  • Kit demands to know what AJ and Conrad did. She wants them to put their all into keeping Thea alive since she could end up giving Betz her heart if things go badly.
  • Billie is super attached to this patient and is relieved and needs a moment when Thea's eyes open.
  • Ian leaves and he and Cade share a moment and she tells him how proud she is of him.
  • Kit gets an alert that they have a heart for the govenor.
  • Gigi is excited about Sammie coming to visit in time for her birthday. Sammie is sick on the pain and has a bad fever.
The Resident
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The Resident Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Billie: It feels weird to say it, but this, us, feels so...
Conrad: Feels right.

Conrad: Last night was amazing.
Billie: It was.
Conrad: And so are you. And we should do it again.