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  • Cricket and Wolf come into the Er because one of them needs to meds but got clawed by a 'cat"
  • Padma gets a self-care day and AJ comes there to spend time with the kids and give her space.
  • Aj loses the bracelets that helps tell the babies apart in the water during their bath, so he's confused.
  • Devon is meeting with another doctor who agrees to work with them on the first implantation of the titanium ribcage.
  • They want Gina to do the documentary on the surgery. It's the surgery that Bell will perform.
  • Kit and Bell emphasize that they need creative say in order to agree to the terms of this surgery.
  • Leela shows Kit the front page of the Atlanta Daily, and it's about Bell.
  • Kit hopes that the surgery will mean that it helps Bell's image.
  • The hospital can't accept the twins because they're under ten months and they have new rules about it. AJ has to find new arrangements.
  • The patient's daughter reads the article about Bell and after already being concerned is even more so.
  • Tessa's daughter confronts Kit and wants someone else.
  • Bell asks Kit to step in on the surgery with AJ
  • The stress of everything causes Bell to have a painful flare up
  • Hundley takes care of the twins for AJ. AJ has to pay Irving for another.
  • Crickets finally tells Conrad about their side hustle and all the animals they take care of to help him figure out what happened to Wolf.
  • Scorpion venom is the toxin that's killing him.
  • Tessa has a complication that's an emergeny and they can't guarantee the surgery will happen that day. Tessa's cancer metasized rapidly during ICU.
  • Devon tells Gina that she has to stop filming for the better of the patient.
  • Sam, the man on the robotics thing, calls Devon and is upset about the article and now their partnership hangs in the balance if the surgery doesn't go well.
  • Leela tries to support Bell and jumps in on the case with the venom patient.
  • Kit makes Devon give the call on if Tessa should still have the rib surgery or not and he goes with it.
  • Conrad wants Bell to do a procedure right there on the venom patient and calls him out on being too hesistant.
  • Conrad hypes Bell up and tells him that he's not that same man and talks him into doing the procedure right in the hallway and Bell does as the man was codiing.
  • The camera crew catches it oncamera.
  • Tessa's surgery went well.
  • Billie watches the babies when AJ finds her. Billie seems enamored with maybe being a mom.
  • Conrad reported Cricket and Wolf to Animal Control.
  • The deal with the robotics company is still good.
  • Bell tells Kit about his flare up. He thinks that his new meds aren't working so well anymore and his MS is progressing.
  • He wants to head back to Minnesota.
  • AJ returns to the house and Padma still isn't there. she's gone.
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The Resident Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

You're his wife. You're not impartial!


Gina: What are the odds that Tessa's story has a happy ending now?
Devon: A lot less than this morning.