Simone Gets a Visitor - The Rookie: Feds
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A man is murdered in his car in a parking lot.
Simone's daughter visits with her new boyfriend. He is an older guy who lives in his van.
Everyone is called into the office just as Brendon and Antoinette prepare for their first date.
The case involves an undercover op in a hotel. Garza agrees to let Antoinette tag along.
Carter also tries to find a date but doesn't have much luck because of his profile picture.
A mean-looking op leader briefs the team.
Simone and Laura try to get Carter to take a better photo for his dating profile.
Antoinette and Brendon try to spice up their otherwise awkward date by playing characters.
The op goes south when a patsy sidetracks the team, and they are made. The dinner date is also ruined.
The team takes over the case from Kronner -- the mean-looking team leader.
Laura reveals to Brendon that she and Mark are trying to do long distance.
Brendon identifies the potential suspect Kronner had been looking for.
Simone and Carter chase down some leads by interviewing a former strangulation victim in prison.
The team finds the whereabouts of the guy. He gets away, but they get his phone. Carter is injured, and he hits it off in the hospital with a nurse acquaintance.
Simone and Cutty plot how to get rid of Billie's new boyfriend. They agree on using reverse psychology, hoping Billie breaks up with him.
The plan backfires. She leaves.
Using the burner phone, the team finds a potential suspect -- Trevor Bask -- and his location.
They find him murdered by his buyer. They find the buyer in a pawnshop and recover the tech he had stolen.
Carter's stitches get torn, and he goes to the hospital. He asks the nurse out on a date, and she agrees.
Brendon and Antoinette have a do-over date.
Cutty helps mend the relationship between Simone and Billie. They reconcile after Simone agrees to give Trevor a chance.
The Rookie: Feds
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The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Simone: Oh, hey guys. Garza said classy casual, but y'all was showing out. They called in the lab techs too?
Brendon: Oh, no, we were just about to, you know...
Simone: Your first date, that's right. Well, what now? You gonna cancel your plans?
Brendon: No, no, no. Just delay them.

Laura: Hey, what's up?
Carter: Set up a profile on clipmates.
Laura: Finally, dipping your toes back into the dating pool. Good for you!
Carter: It's been a week. I've not gotten a single message.
Laura: That's statistically impossible. Dating apps have been designed to bombard newcomers with attention, so they feel welcome. Here, let me see.
Carter: What am I doing wrong?
Laura: Oh, so many things.