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Grace worries that Nolan may be having some health issues due to the stress of his job and has him wear a fitness tracker so she can monitor his heart rate. 


Later, Harper and Nolan find a dead body in a warehouse. When Nolan canvases outside he finds a security guard switching out broken cameras. 


The dead man was Joe De La Cruz, a veteran. At his hotel room they find rolls of cash and his roommate, Mitch. Mitch has a prosthetic leg and Bradford was his squad leader in Afghanistan. 


Mitch says that Joe found pallets of money in a warehouse. He was going back for more when he was killed. The money turns out to be counterfeit. 


When the team gets to the warehouse, it’s empty but Nolan finds a small piece of paper with the name of a security company. It’s the same name that was on the van that morning belonging to the man replacing the security camera. Nolan has the man’s picture on his body cam footage. 


The Feds tell LAPD to shut down the investigation but Bradford, Chen, Harper, and Nolan consider moving forward anyway in order to get justice for Joe. 


That night the man from the video footage, knows as Col. Norman Jengus comes to Nolan’s home and threatens him to stop investigating. The team goes ahead anyway and follow Jengus. They find the money but get caught. With Lopez in a sniper’s position and threatening to shoot Jengus and Jengus’ team threatening to shoot everyone else, they decide to negotiate. 


The turn over the man who killed Joe and leave with the counterfeit money which will be used to fun more black-ops around the world. 


Elsewhere, Lopez and Jackson stumble upon a man acting incoherently. They think he’s drunk until they see the blood under his hat and realize he’s been shot. Grace later says that the surgery they performed also found a tumor that might have been missed otherwise. 


Lucy fosters a dog, much to Jackson’s dismay. Bradford thinks it’s a bad idea to add a dependent to her life. When the dog destroys their apartment because he isn’t crated, Lucy realizes maybe she isn’t ready for a dog. In the end, Bradford adopts him. 


Grace pushes John to better manage his stress. They both end up doing goat yoga. 

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Grey: I got a call from the Chief. Your search warrant rang an alarm way up the food chain.
Nolan: So we’re just supposed to walk away from a murder investigation?
Grey: No, but you can’t follow it down this path.

I just solved two crimes sitting in my office. Bradford and Chen’s peeping Tom and your gunshot victim. I’m just saying.