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Officer Nolan goes back to finish his college degree so he can become a Training Officer. In his Ethics and Criminal Law class, he doesn't identify himself as a police officer. Later, when a student sees him in uniform, the entire class is angry, thinking he was sent there to spy on them. The professor assigns each of them a five-page essay on whether Nolan had an ethical obligation to reveal he's a police officer. 
All of Nolan's fellow officers tell him it's better to keep quiet about being a cop in social situations, while his professor thinks he can do more good by telling his classmates and being a part of the discussion for change. 
Officers are assigned as security for the CCOA - California Covert Operators Association - where Officer Harper is asked to give the Women Undercover seminar. Officer Chen spies on the lecture and considers going undercover. 
Officer Bradford runs into Officer Mack Daniels, an old friend at the hotel where the convention is being held, and cheating on his wife. Bradford calls him out on being high, but Daniels swears it is prescription oxytocin for a shoulder injury he sustained while on the job. 
Later, when Daneils' wife catches him in the hotel room with the women and Bradford and Chen are called, they find the Daniels unconscious and not breathing. Bradford performs CPR and saves his life.
Later, Bradford turns Daniels in for his drug use. He was mixing pills and whisky and had multiple bottles of oxytocin in other names. Tim regrets not turning Isabel in sooner and won't make that mistake again, but later faces Daniels' wife's wrath for not covering for another cop and causing the family to lose his pension. 
When Lucy approaches Harper to talk about undercover work, Chen gets dragged into an impromptu op and volunteers to follow up with it by playing the chemist's role in a liquid fentanyl buy. Bradford is upset because Harper and the other undercover officers know how dangerous this op is, but Chen is a rookie.
Officer Chen holds her own with the drug dealers, even when she is questioned at gunpoint. The op is a success, and arrests are made. Even Bradford congratulates her on a job well done. 
Later, Officers Chen, Harper, and undercover Officer June Zhang meet at Lucy's to help Tamara with her school assignment to interview women working traditionally male jobs.
Officer West is assigned to work at Community Policing Center with Smitty. When a young, mildly autistic teen is assaulted, West and another officer in the area, Isaac Young, track down the assailant. Later, after admitting he and his movie star boyfriend are no longer together, Jackson asks Isaac out on a date. Isaac accepts.
The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

What’s right and what is legal are very often all too different.

Prof. Ryan

Women make up only 12% of law enforcement, but they are attacked almost twice as often as male officers, and yet, male officers are three times more likely to fire their weapons, they are three times more likely to get injured while on duty, and they make up 95% of citizen complaints. Which begs the question, are women just better cops? Oh, you better believe it.