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  • It's a time jump and Lucy helps Chris home and is spending timke with him. Someone fromt he undercover academy drops by to give her an opportunity. But she doesn't know if she wants to go or if the timing is good because of Chris.
  • Nolan aced his TO test and gets to continue training THorsen.
  • Bradford and Genny are still trying to sell their father's house.
  • Harper is in labor and having a home birth at the house they literally just moved into.
  • TWhorsen and Nolan respond to a call and find an unconscious cop in a car in his garage, possible suicide
  • Wesley starts his first day at the DA's office.
  • The dead cop's death was a homicide and not a suicide as it was led to look like.
  • They hear from Garret the cops wife that he was in a "Crew" with his Narcotics colleagues and they look into them because it's suspect.
  • Angela teases Tim about Lucy
  • The DA is on Wesley's case about actually taking some to trial. Angela calls him for help with her case with the dirty cops.
  • Harper is trying to go through her labor but they hear arguing and then gunshots at the neighbor's house.
  • Smitty tells them that they didn't find any guns at the neighbor's house
  • Nolan and Thorsen get Harper's CI to tell them about sheriff deputies who are stealing drugs from drug dealers. They also arranged for the death of someone in prison.
  • Lucy drops by to visit Harper, and asks for advice.
  • Angela and Tim arrest two of the "crew" members for evidence tampering and she calls Nolan and Thorsen to get to Rick before he destroyes evidence.
  • Harper sees the neighbors taking a body wrapped in a run outsidse aend follwos. She checks things out but she's in labor and her water broke. James comes just in time to give Harper time to escape, but the neighbor stills sees handprints.
  • Nolan catfches Rick holding up a place and they have a shootout and chase.
  • Angeala and WEsley manage to get the one cop to flip once he hears all the recordings
  • Harper is having the baby when the security detects that someone is in the house. james goes to check it out after giving Harper the gun.
  • Someone attacks James. The other person searches for Harper.
The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Rick: You broke my ribs.
Nolan: You killed a cop. You're under arrest.

We don't hire you so you could give everyone a free pass.