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It opens with Monica on the phone with Wesley as they talk about a case. But she quickly gets off of it when she hears that someone is breaking into her place.

A masked man comes in and tries to kill her. She shoots him. But she pretends like she was seriously hurt by the time the cops come because she shot the man while he was down after she asked him if he was there to kill her.

Grey makes Lucy acting TO for the day and gives her Celina as a boot.

Bradford bumps into Blair in the elevator, and they talk about how it is for him coming back and running into his former boss from Metro.

He goes to talk to Grey who basically tells him to get things together with Lucy because he'll have to transfer someone out if it stays awkward, and he'll keep Lucy.

Bailey and Nolan head to the hospital to get checked out for fertlity stuff. But they notice something happening at the hospital.

Luna prepares for an influx of patients because a gang war happened between Russians and others, and now rival gangs will be coming to the hospital.

They find out that the leader of one of the gangs is dead, so they have to brace for big reactions. A woman comes in with a gun and shoots the same guy that had attacked Smitty and led to Nolan an Chen taking him down.

Nolan takes her down but a bullet narrowly misses him, and his ears are ringing as a result.

Bailey still misses her appointment because of all of this.

Bradford and Thorsen are tasked to do surveillance on a pre-raid for Metro. Thorsen presses Tim on what's going on with Lucy and if he'll do something for her birthday. Thorsen got Lucy a gift.

They head back to Metro to update them, and Bradford notices some issues with the building that they're supposed to raid, but Mad Dog doesn't want to hear what he has to say, referencing how betrayed they feel.

They go there to watch as Metro raids, and an explosion happens while the cops are inside.

Monica is still working in overtime staying at the hospital when she doesn't need to be there because she wants to talk to the man who tried to kill her to get information.

The doctor tells Bailey that she should consider IVF.

Bradford updates everyone as to what happened and how serious the booby trap was. He and Grey talk about there being a mole and want to keep it under wraps.

Bradford talks to Mad Dog who feels like he's going to tell him "I told you so."

Blair shows up to check on Mad Dog and says that she heard about it at the station or because her patients kept leaving and Bradford suspects  she may be the mole.

Nolan happens across the men in the bathroom getting their weapons ready so they can take out the other gang, and the others have to come to his aid when the shooting starts and they have a standoff.

A nurse gets shot in the process and Bailey helps.

Meanwhile, amid all the commotion, Monica heads into her attacker's room to ask who sent him. He doesn't tell her, so she puts an air bubble in his tube and kills him. While leaving, she and Blair come face to face.

But they're working togehter. Blair wonders what happened and mentioned that no one was supposed to die.

Tim uses Kojo to give Lucy a card, and it makes her emotional.

Mad Dog texts him to the rooftop to tell him something. He mentions that things weren't supposed to be like that, and he apologizes. No one was supposed to get hurt or die.

He says the person he's working with knows all of his secrets. It's clearly Blair. Then he falls over the railing, killing himself, but because he didn't jump, it seems like he's setting Bradford up for his death.

Bailey decides that she doesn't want to do IVF.

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