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King Robert and Willow celebrate their stag and hen parties, respectively. 

Willow is adamant about not having what in the US would be considered a tame bachelorette party, but given that Eleanor and Queen Helena are both party animals, they refuse to take 'no' for an answer. 

Champagne, massages and a chocolate fountain all seem promising until the night takes a turn for the worse when Willow is drugged by Cassandra who impersonated a masseuse. 

Under the influence of LSD, Willow is hilarious yet a pain in Eleanor's ass. Although, she's the only one that's perfectly equipped to take care of someone this high. 

Eleanor encourages her not to let a hiccup get in the way the throne so the next morning, the future Queen sits in front of the Committee completely hungover, in Eleanor's rocker clothes and bluntly answers the question, "why she would make a good Queen."

Meanwhile, King Robert gathers some of Britain's finest for a night of strong drinks and pool games, which he embarrassingly loses to the help, Jasper. 

He finally reveals that they aren't just gathering to celebrate his upcoming nuptials, they're celebrating the abolishment of Parliament for good. 

Cyrus, who crashed the event after being exiled from England, tries to attack King Robert following the announcement but Liam hits him over the head with a glass and then knocks him out. 

Impressed with his brother's loyalty, Robert offers him a seat at the table as his left-hand man. 

Turns out, Cyrus and Liam were in cahoots the whole time and this was part of their plan to take down Robert from the inside. 

And surprisingly, Kathryn, who fell for Robert's seduction trap in the previous episode, was also in on the gag. She never wanted to sleep with Robert, she was going along with it so again, Liam would be in his "good graces."

Cyrus introduces them to Aston Lang, the refugee he met at the Venezuelan embassy and the plotting begins. 

The Royals
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The Royals Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Willow: What happened?
Eleanor: Ugh, well, someone drugged you. And then you lit yourself on fire. And then you pretended to be a ghost. And then you knocked yourself unconscious.
Willow: That’s exactly how I feel.

Willow: I nearly drowned her, the Queen of England. I nearly suffocated her in a vat of chocolatey goodness.
Eleanor: There are worse ways to go.