The Simpsons Season 1

"Some Enchanted Evening"

While Homer and Marge are out trying to rekindle their marriage, they leave the kids home with a diabolical serial killer.

"Krusty Gets Busted"

When Krusty is arrested for committing armed robbery, Bart sets out on a quest to clear his idol's name.

"The Crepes of Wrath"

Bart is sent to France as part of a student exchange program and is forced to learn French to survive.

"Homer's Night Out"

When a photo of Homer with a belly dancer from a bachelor party hits the town, Homer has to teach Bart that women are not objects.

"Life on the Fast Lane"

When Homer gives Marge a gift for himself for her birthday (a bowling ball), Marge contemplates having an affair with a local womanizer.

"The Telltale Head"

Bart tries to impress his friends by vandalizing the Jebediah Springfield statue, enraging the whole town.

"The Call of the Simpsons"

When Homer purchases an RV and takes the family camping, he is mistaken for Bigfoot.

"Moaning Lisa"

When Lisa has the blues she befriends a Jazz musician Bleeding Gums Murphy; Bart and Homer fight in a boxing video game.

"Bart the General"

Grandpa Simpson helps Bart wage a war against the school bully, Nelson Muntz.

"There's No Disgrace Like Home"

After the Simpsons embarrass Homer at a company picnic, he seeks out the help of psychologist Marvin Monroe to fix his family.

"Homer's Odyssey"

After being fired from the Springfield power plant, Homer makes it his mission to make Springfield a safer place.

"Bart the Genius"

When Bart cheats and swaps his test with Martin's, he is mistaken for a genius and sent to a school for "gifted children."

"Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"

When holiday bonuses are cut at the power plant and Marge is forced to spend the Christmas funds on an emergency, it's up to Homer to save Christmas.

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The Simpsons Season 1 Quotes

Ah, the fourth grade will now favor us with a melody...err...medley of holiday flavorites.

Principal Skinner

Principal Skinner: The fifth grade will now favor us with a scene from Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol.
Homer: How many grades does this school have!?