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Homer takes the family to an aquatic park, but when grandpa refuses to stop rambling, Homer leaves him behind while they go to watch a show.  Left behind, a human interest journalist, Marshall, sits down with Abe and becomes interested in his stories.  He publishes them and they begin to get a bit of a cult following.  Homer becomes jealous when he realizes that Abe is becoming popular and actually had good stories.  He breaks into Marshall's office and discovers the man plans on murdering Abe on the Tinseltown Express's final voyage in order to have the perfect ending for his Pulitzer Prize-winning story.  Homer, with a little help from Lenny and Carl, saves his father.  At the end, Abe lets Homer tell the story in rambling fashion to his kids.

Meanwhile, Bart is given possession of Larry the Lamb by teacher, and is forced to document his adventures with Larry.  Bored with the assignment, he gives Larry to Lisa, who ends up losing him in the sewer.  Bart ends up going down into the sewer to find Larry to avoid being beat up by Nelson.  When Bart gets chased by sewer rats and cats, it's Larry who saves him when he uses the stuffed animal to zipline out of there.  Just as he bonds with the class stuffed animal, it tears in half.

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The Simpsons Season 21 Episode 9 Quotes

Lisa: Slimu looks kind of uncomfortable.
Homer: Wouldn't you if you were a salt water fish in a fresh water aquarium?

Oh, I love going to aquatic parks. Sure they have less rides than amusement parks, less fish than the aquariums, but the parking is ample.