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After Bart's old Internet cartoon, Angry Dad, is purchased by Herman Millwood, it is turned into a feature length movie with Bart heading up the project.  Homer ends up being the voice and when the movie becomes an instant success thanks to Lisa's idea to turn it into a short, it begins winning all kinds of awards.  However, Homer takes credit and steals the award speeches until Bart misdirects him during the Grammy's and is able to give his speech where he declares it a collaborative effort.  Aww.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 22 Episode 14 Quotes

Don't feel bad boy. Everyone makes mistakes. Yours is just public and expensive.


Herman Millwood: Is Bart Simpson here? Because I'm about to make him and his family very wealthy
Homer: Wealthy? Remember the guy that drove you to school that one time?