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Homer forgets to visit his father, but when he arrives at the Springfield Retirement Community, he discovers that Grandpa has gone missing. Using clues in Grandpa's room, Homer finds out that Abe was once an aspiring songwriter who married a singer named Rita LaFleur. Unfortunately, his commitment to raising Homer kept him from leaving the country with his new wife Rita. Homer is impressed by his father's great sacrifice and once he finds Abe working at a perfume store, he vows to visit him more often. Meanwhile, Homer wins $5,000 in a lawsuit against Krusty Burger and uses it to start a college fund for Lisa on a poker site. Lisa gets addicted to gambling and manages to raise her fund to over $400,000. However, she loses it all to Sideshow Bob. Luckily, Bart admits to playing under Sideshow Bob's avatar, but the website found out he was underage, so the fund returns to $5,000.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 24 Episode 4 Quotes

And I don't think you're boring. It's just that in today's multi-channel environment you have too many choices. Look at Sunday night! There's like eight amazing shows, none of them on Fox.


Happy Anni..birth..tine's...shark week?