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A giant sinkhole forms in the center of Springfield after Homer fails to fix a leaky faucet in his backyard. Marge loses her car to the giant hole and must buy a new one. Despite getting a great new car, Marge is very dissatisfied with it. She realizes she hates the car because it means they can't have anymore kids. Although she wants a new baby, Homer is not convinced it's a good idea. Luckily, Homer is sterile, but he is reminded that donated several samples to a sperm bank in Shelbyville. Homer takes Marge to the bank, but tries to stall her and eventually reveals he doesn't want a new baby. Marge is upset, but Homer changes his mind and gets his last sample back. Unfortunately, Marge notices how many babies have been conceived using his sperm and decides there are enough Homers in the world. Meanwhile, Bart finds out that Lisa is secretly learning cursive from a former principal after school.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 24 Episode 3 Quotes

Lisa: I hope you're happy. You all just wasted your time working your way into an after school class.
Bart, Milhouse, Nelson, and Ralph: Aahhh!

Geez. I mean I'm no Luis Guzman, but I'm alright.